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How To Get Fullbringer In Peroxide Roblox

Want to unlock the power of the Fullbringer in Peroxide Roblox? Your transformation awaits in this step-by-step guide!
How To Get Fullbringer In Peroxide Roblox
Bleach / Shueisha

Are you looking to unleash the power of a Fullbringer in Peroxide? Good news - you're in the right place! This step-by-step guide will delve deep into the essence of the Furuburingā (or "full manifestation artist) and lay out a clear path to achieving this coveted superhuman status.

Born from a unique blend of the human spirit and a touch of the supernatural, the Fullbringer in Peroxide is a symbol of prowess, offering unparalleled power (much like in the anime Bleach). So. If you want to understand and achieve this coveted status, keep reading!

Note: This is an unofficial method to become a Fullbringer in Peroxide. Why? Simple. This race has not yet been added into the game. But don't worry. The developers have hinted or expressed interest at introducing the race into the game in a later update.


What Is Fullbringer In Peroxide Roblox?

Originating from the anime series Bleach, Fullbringers are spiritually-aware humans possessing a unique ability named Fullbring. This power lets them manipulate souls residing in all physical matter.

Born from the remnants of Hollow attacks on their parents, Fullbringers resonate more with Hollow's powers than those of Shinigami (or Soul Reapers). Their abilities range from manipulating objects around them by pulling on their souls to performing high-speed movements and more.

But what about Fullbringers in Peroxide? Well, as it turns out, this description is largely the same in the realm of Roblox Peroxide; a Fullbringer harnesses this mystical power, offering players a fresh, dynamic experience. While it's not an official faction just yet - you can still unofficially acquire this coveted status by following the steps below.


How To Become A Fullbringer In Peroxide Roblox

To become a Fullbringer in Peroxide, you need to be Human. This is an easy step, as you will have spawned as one when you start the game. Next, you should begin to acquire stats (yes, you can do that!). Mind you, it will not be easy since you won't be able to see any of the Hollows and Shinigami at first, making farming gold and experience incredibly difficult.

In addition to being Human, you must also get the following to become a Fullbringer in Peroxide:

  • 7 Vitality and 30 Strength
  • Flash Mirage Skill

Leveling Up

You can start by doing a few simple quests at Kisuke's House, like cleaning the plastic around the area. Once you have enough gold, you can go to the Gym and work on improving some of the Vitality and Strength stats.

  • Pro tip: If you max Reiatsu at the first Dojo by heading upstairs and training on the red carpet, it will make your training much easier going forward. Otherwise, you can earn and level up your Vitality and Strength stats by completing Soul Trait Missions.

Upgrading these stats will increase the damage you deal with your attacks and improve your overall HP; however, at a later point, you should also increase your Agility once you have the required Vitality and Strength. As you level up, you'll be able to see the other factions and can also participate in Raids and Invasions.


Skill Selection

When you reach Level 6, you'll be able to pick up any one of the following skills, bringing you one step closer to becoming a Fullbringer in Peroxide Roblox:

  • Flash Mirage is a move that can be used while stunned. You will leave with a fake afterimage of yourself while your true self will stay invisible. This is a signature to Fullbringer in Peroxide and is super useful in PvP situations (recommended).
  • Scatter Image is a move that can be used while stunned. It allows you to quickly scatter around, becoming invisible and gaining speed for 1 second.
  • Reiatsu Burst is an evasive move that overflows your body with Reiatsu. You then release it all at once in a struggle. Use it only when you need to escape.

And that's all! After ticking off all requirements, you will ascend to the Fullbringer status, a testament to your dedication and prowess in Roblox Peroxide. It's worth noting that you won't be able to M1 until you are Level 10 in Peroxide. Once this happens, you cannot revert back to a Lost Soul if you die.