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Is Pet Simulator X Dying?

Is Pet Simulator X a dead game? Oof. Good question. Find out the answer right here!
Is Pet Simulator X Dying?
BIG Games / Pet Simulator X

Update on 5 August: It seems that Pet Simulator X is not receiving any further updates. I guess the skeptics were right. Pet Simulator X might be dead. But don't worry. It seems that Happy Pet Game is on the horizon. Yay... I guess?

Is Pet Simulator X dying? Good question. BIG Games' widely adored pet-collecting game has captured the hearts of millions after its initial release in the summer of 2021. Further, the addictive gameplay and ever-evolving game updates ensured its spot in the limelight for quite some time.

However, recently, the numbers tell a different story, hinting at a decline in its popularity. Given that it has been around two years since its launch, it's entirely plausible to question the longevity of the game and whether Pet Simulator X is finally coming to an end. Let's find out.

Is Pet Simulator X A Dead Game?


There are a few indicators that suggest Pet Simulator X is on a downward trajectory. For one,  the game's like-to-dislike ratio has been slipping, the number of new visits is decreasing, and the proportion of players trading has declined.

Even the number of "real" new visits is lower than the official count, as some of these visits come from players farming for rewards, not from new players trying the game for the first time. So, in a way, you could say that Pet Simulator X is dying.

But there is a chance the game could make a U-turn. Let's take a look at the game's history and see why this might be the case.

Pet Simulator X History

Launched on July 29th, 2021, Pet Simulator X saw consistent updates every week between August to October 2021. During this period, the game struggled to breach the hundred-thousand-player mark, but from late 2021 to April 2022, the popularity of the game skyrocketed.

These regular updates seemed to stop after April 2022, and this downtime saw the player base dwindle to a meager 10,000 to 20,000 players. The updates resumed later in 2022, and the game returned to its former glory, raking in up to 100,000 players by December.

However, the player count has been on a noticeable decline over the past few months, even with the steady stream of weekly and bi-weekly updates.


Pet Simulator X Today

At the time of this analysis, Pet Simulator X is pulling in roughly 40,000 players on a weekday – a significant drop from the 100,000 it used to see on average. Comparatively, the same day last week saw 59,000 players, and the Sunday immediately before that, 96,000 players. This is a dramatic decrease over the past two weeks alone.

Even update times, which usually draw in larger crowds, have seen a decline in players. As a result, it's safe to presume that the excitement around the updates has been waning, with fewer players logging in to experience the new content.

Despite the concerning signs, Pet Simulator X could still make a comeback. If the developers use the extra time provided by bi-weekly updates to create more engaging content that meets player expectations, the game could once again see a surge in player numbers. Likewise, offering F2P players a chance to get better rewards could also draw many new users back to the game.

However, as it stands, Pet Simulator X seems to be on a downward slope. It remains to be seen whether it can reverse this trend and rise once again to its former glory. In this regard, only time will tell. We want to thank Telanthric on YouTube for their thoughts and analysis. Watch the video below for more detailed insights.