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Pet Simulator X: Huge Chef Cat Value - What Is It Worth?

Discover the worth of the exclusive Huge Chef Cat in Pet Simulator X! Our guide provides current trade values and prices on this highly sought-after pet.
Pet Simulator X: Huge Chef Cat Value - What Is It Worth?

Are you the proud owner of the elusive Huge Chef Cat in Pet Simulator? Or perhaps you're looking to acquire one. In either case, you're probably wondering about its value and price for trading. Well, we've got you covered. This Exclusive rarity pet was awarded during a special crossover event with Big Games' sister title My Restaurant in Roblox but has since been discontinued in Pet Simulator X.

Unsurprisingly, this has triggered quite a stir in the community. While it's no shock that players would highly seek this feline friend, given its charming appearance, the question remains: What is the Huge Chef Cat's value in Pet Simulator X? In this guide, we'll take a deep dive into the worth of this beloved pet and give you all the information you need to know.

Pet Simulator X: Huge Chef Cat Value & Price


The trade value of the Huge Chef Cat in Pet Simulator X has increased significantly due to its exclusivity in the game. Specifically, there are roughly only 100,000 of these pets in the game. That being said, many players are willing to cough up a ton of Gems to get their hands on this unique and beloved pet and add it to their collections. So to help you determine the worth of your Huge Chef Cat in Pet Simulator X, we've created a table to help you:

Regular version 20 Billion Gems
Gold version 50 Billion Gems
Rainbow version 300 Billion Gems
Dark Matter version 2 Trillion Gems
Shiny version 100 Billion Gems

Note: The value of the Huge Chef Cat in Pet Simulator X is subject to change due to factors such as in-game updates, events, and market fluctuations. The table above provides an estimate of the current value of each rarity, but it may not be accurate in the future.

Pet Simulator X: How To Get A Huge Chef Cat

The only way to get the Huge Chef Cat in Pet Simulator X is by trading with other players at the Trading Booth. Previously, the pet was obtainable for free as a reward by serving 100,000 customers in the Roblox game "My Restaurant" before 30 March 2023. The only other way to get it for free is if a player had already served at least 95,000 customers before that date. It's important to note that it's currently unclear if the Huge Chef Cat in Pet Simulator X will be available for free or as another event-exclusive reward in the future. We'll continue to monitor the game updates and provide any new information on the availability of this exclusive pet.