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How To Unlock Secret Dojo Area In Pet Simulator X

Learn how to open the Secret Dojo Door in Kawaii World of Pet Simulator X with this guide so you can earn the coveted Dojo Egg.
How To Unlock Secret Dojo Area In Pet Simulator X

Are you tired of feeling like you're missing out on some of the best content in Pet Simulator X? You're not alone! The new Secret Dojo Area in the new Hologram update boasts a new Dojo Egg and Giant Dojo Chest breakable. But the question is: how do you gain access to this elusive area in Roblox? In this guide, we'll show you how to unlock the Secret Dojo Door in Pet Simulator X and gain entry to the hidden hatching ground of the Dojo. So, if you're ready, join us on our journey to becoming the ultimate sensei and unlocking the secrets of the Secret Dojo area in Kawaii World.

How To Open Secret Dojo Door In Pet Simulator X

To open the Secret Dojo Area in Pet Simulator X, you must have exactly 45 billion Cartoon Coins. You must show your appreciation by forfeiting these coins to access the Dojo's hidden hatching ground. Of course, this is quite a hefty sum, so you'll need to grind to gather enough coins for a while. Once you have the required amount of Cartoon Coins, head over to the Secret Dojo Door in Pet Simulator X, which is the entrance to the Secret Dojo Area. Then show your token of appreciation by forfeiting the Cartoon Coins to gain access to the Secret Dojo Area.

psx secret dojo area unlock guide pet simulator x
You can unlock the Dojo Egg and Secret Dojo Chest in the Dojo Area of Kawaii World. (Picture: Big Games / Roblox)

Inside the Secret Dojo Area, you'll find the new Dojo Egg and the Giant Dojo Chest breakable. The Dojo Egg costs 640 million Cartoon Coins to hatch and has a much better chance of hatching the special Kawaii pets. However, you'll first need to break open the Giant Dojo Chest, which will surely test your patience and skill. That said, the chest is quite challenging to break open, but with the support of your fellow sensei, you'll be able to overcome it and emerge richer than ever.

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