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Pixel Piece Devil Fruit Tier List: Best Fruit & Abilities

Find out which Devil Fruit is the best with our Pixel Piece Devil Fruit tier list, including a description of each of their abilities.
Pixel Piece Devil Fruit Tier List: Best Fruit & Abilities

There are several interesting Devil Fruit in Roblox Pixel Piece, each offering a range of abilities that may (or may not) be useful in battle. As a result, knowing which Devil Fruit is the best in Pixel Piece might be the winning condition you need to succeed in your games. So, if you're struggling to choose the best Fruit for your playstyle in Roblox Pixel Piece, don't worry. We've ranked every Devil Fruit from best to worst in this tier list, including a brief description of their abilities.

31 March 2023: We checked for new updates. This is still the best Devil Fruit tier list for Pixel Piece Fruit after Update 1. We will endeavor to keep this page as up-to-date as possible.

What Is The Best Devil Fruit In Pixel Piece?

The best Devil Fruits in Pixel Piece are Paw-Paw, Mera-Mera, and Hie-Hie. Each of these Fruits features powerful attacks and abilities like teleportation, time-skipping, or the ability to fly, all of which are great for farming and defeating enemies. For example, Hie-Hie Fruit can summon a giant ice hammer and freeze enemies.

In the next section, you'll find a complete tier list of Devil Fruit in Pixel Piece, ranked from best to worst. While every effort is taken to ensure this ranking is accurate, please be advised that the Pixel Piece Devil Fruit rankings are based on the author's opinion and are subject to change with future game updates.

Tier List Descriptions
  • S-Tier: The most overpowered Devil Fruit in Pixel Piece, considering the current meta.
  • A-Tier: These Devil Fruit are very good and offer valuable abilities you should use in battle.
  • B-Tier: While not "the best," these Devil Fruit are still usable in most circumstances.
  • C-Tier: Not-so-bad Devil Fruit, but they should be replaced by better ones if possible.
  • D-Tier: Avoid these Devil Fruit at all costs, using them only for emergencies or specific purposes.

Pixel Piece - Devil Fruit Tier List: All Abilities

best devil fruit in pixel piece
Mera-Mera and Ice-Ice are perhaps the best Devil Fruit to use in Pixel Piece. (Picture: YouTube / TW Dessi Gaming)


  • Paw-Paw (NEW) - This is a brand-new Devil Fruit added to the game with seven abilities. As you might expect, Paw-Paw is super overpowered. It includes an attack that cannot be blocked (Paw Shock), an AOE block-break charged attack that hits an enemy target into the air (Paw Stamp), a multi-shot attack that deals serious damage (Paw Multi-Shocks), and a chargeable "Spirit Bomb" block-breaker attack that you can throw at an enemy to deal insane damage (Ursus Shock). Then there's Shock Step (lets you teleport), Shock Red (a blast attack), and Shock Time Skip.
  • Mera-Mera: This Devil Fruit has six different abilities: Flame Snap tosses a flame toward enemies; Flame Flight allows you to fly; Shinka Shiranui deals damage to enemies by striking them down from the air; Flame Repulse deals explosive blasts to damage enemies from the air, Hiken sets enemies ablaze, and Hono no Hashira summons a pillar of flames that moves forward as you hold the skill. Additionally, there is the ability to create a ball of fire to damage enemies (Dai Enkai Entai). It's fantastic for farming and decimating enemies.
  • Hie-Hie: This Devil Fruit is similar to Mera-Mera and has seven different abilities: Ice Hawk throws a hawk made of ice at enemies, Ice Hammer summons a giant ice hammer to damage enemies, Ice Spears damages enemies by calling a spear of ice, Ice Stomp summons a huge ice wall, Frozen Time summons a wall of ice to freeze and damage enemies, Ultimate Stomp summons three walls of ice around a player, and Ice Ice lets you skate on ice. This Devil Fruit is great for farming and damaging enemies.


  • Bomb-Bomb: This is a solid Devil Fruit to include in your arsenal in Pixel Piece. Bomb Shot and Bomb Rush deal damage to enemies, while a third ability, Bomb Booster, allows you to fly. Finally, Bomb Destruct inflicts incredible damage on enemies by effectively working as a suicide attack. This Devil Fruit is listed as B-tier because of the self-damage con of Bomb Destruct.
roblox pixel piece devil fruit tier list
There are eight different Devil Fruit you can use in Pixel Piece. (Picture: Roblox)


  • Kilo-Kilo: This Devil Fruit has six abilities. Kilo Walk deals damage to enemies by stampeding over them, while Kilo Crash damages enemies in an AOE by smashing the ground three times. In addition, Kilo Rise lets you fly around in an umbrella; you can also combo Kilo 1kg and 10kg with this ability to deal damage. Finally, Kilo Force provides a buff to regular melee attacks. This ability belongs in the B-tier because while it can be strong, you'll need to combo the abilities correctly.


  • Spin-Spin: This Devil Fruit has three abilities in Pixel Piece. Spinning Assault deals damage while spinning; Spinning Flight enables you to fly in any direction until your Stamina runs out (making it great for moving around); and Spinning Disaster deals damage to enemies in an AOE by turning into a Tornado.
  • Suke-Suke: This Devil Fruit is useful because it allows you to become invisible to enemies (Self-Invisible), while its secondary ability (Party Invisible) makes all party members invisible. Unfortunately, it doesn't deal any damage, making it valuable only under certain circumstances.


  • Smooth-Smooth: This Devil Fruit's abilities don't offer much advantage other than allowing you to skate across the ground (Smooth Floor). While its second ability (Smooth Push) also allows you to push and damage enemies, it's not as effective as other Devil Fruit in this tier list.
  • Cry-Cry: This Devil Fruit is pretty pathetic. Kenpopo launches three projectiles that heal players if they connect, and Chiyupopo depletes your health to regenerate party members' health. The only useful ability is Hogopopo, which activates a stun shield.

That concludes our tier list ranking every Devil Fruit in Roblox Pixel Piece from best to worst.