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Top 5 Roblox Girls Outfits - Best Cute Roblox Avatar Ideas

Creating the perfect avatar can be daunting if you don't know where to start. Here are the best cute girl outfits in Roblox and their cost.
Top 5 Roblox Girls Outfits - Best Cute Roblox Avatar Ideas

Roblox is home to various interesting and creative online creations, including a plethora of unique games and outfit customizations. Indeed, having this much freedom would understandably make creating an avatar in your likeness easy if you have the Robux.

In a previous article, we detailed some of the most creative anime and scary Roblox avatar outfit ideas, inspired by popular manga and creepy monsters. But in this article, we’ll outline outfits to create the best cute girl avatars in Roblox and how much they cost.

Update: Check out our guide on the top 5 Barbie movie inspired outfits for your Roblox character!

Roblox - Best Cute Girl Outfits

You'll need enough in-game currency (Robux) to buy some of these outfit components in Roblox. While players are free to customize their avatars to their heart's content, creating the cutest Roblox outfit can become pricy the more you customize it. 

If you’re struggling to create your own Roblox Avatar, use inspiration from real life to assist you. For example, the outfits below draw inspiration from k-pop, school and soft girl aesthetics, and more. Here are the five best Roblox girl outfits.

School Girl Outfit

roblox girl cute outfit avatar idea
The Nikkicadz outfit looks like a cute preppy schoolgirl.
  • Popstar Bangs in Black [40]
  • Balck Fluffy Protagonist Hair [100]
  • Timely [5]
  • Swept bangs in Black [40]
  • Black Droopy Ear-Shaped Hair Attachment [55]
  • Aesthetic Split Bangs Hair in Black [75]
  • Joy Blush Light Skin Tone Mask [60]
  • Smile [Free]
  • White Aesthetic Headband [50]
  • So warm [5]
  • Total Robux Required: 430

Bougie Chanel

roblox girl avatar outift ideas
Live your best bougie life with this Chanel-inspired avatar outfit.
  • Fluffy Earmuffs In White [55]
  • Chanel Outfit | Blue Sleeves [5]
  • Chanel Outfit | Blue [5]
  • Casual Side Part in Blonde [90]
  • Butterfly Wink - Lil Nas X (LNX) [150]
  • White Winter Fur Hat [55]
  • Boho Princess Flowers [50]
  • Total Robux Required: 410

Soft Girl Aesthetic

roblox soft girl aesthetic avatar outfit
If you're looking for a soft girl aesthetic, the GreatGirlwithskills outfit is for you.
  • Gaming Kitty Headphones (Pink) [50]
  • 70s Curls in Blonde [70]
  • Cute Ruffled Cat Beret (White) [50]
  • Long Blonde High Set Pigtails [75]
  • Glee [25]
  • White Reading Glasses [100]
  • Blonde Trendy Messy Buns [85]
  • Medical Mask (White) [40]
  • Total Robux Required: 495

Fall Girl Aesthetic

roblox female avatar outfit fall winter look
Enjoy a casual fall look with Purplehusky1313.
  • Elastic Pants [5]
  • Joy Blush Light Skin Tone Mask [60]
  • White Knit Scarf (3.0) [40]
  • Aesthetic Cut w/ Heart Buns [70]
  • Mr. Chuckles [43]
  • Realistic Ears [50]
  • Woman's Frontier Satchel [90]
  • Snowy White Basic Beanie [50]
  • Heartz [5]
  • Boho Princess Flowers [50]
  • Total Robux Required: 463


kpop roblox avatar outfit
Look like you’re going to a Got7 concert with this Kpop-inspired Avatar.
  • Blood [2]
  • Popular Girl Black Hair [90]
  • Light denim jeans [6]
  • Check It [Free]
  • Black Vintage Glasses [125]
  • Total Robux Required: 223

That concludes our guide on the Top 5 Cute Roblox Girl Avatars.  

We want to thank Youtuber Icy Roblox for creating Aesthetic Roblox Girl Outfits. Please consider subscribing to their channel and checking out the video embedded above for more epic content.

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All featured images are courtesy of YouTube / Icy Roblox and Roblox.