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Royale High New School Release Date (Campus 3)

Searching for the release date for the new Campus 3 update? Find out exactly when the Royale High New School comes out right here!
Royale High New School Release Date (Campus 3)
Updated on 20 August 2023: Please note that Campus 3 is now available.

When is the Royale High New School coming out? That's the golden question. And finally, it seems like we have an answer! According to a brand-new trailer released on 23 June 2023, Campus 3 (aka "New School") is headed to the game, featuring unique special effects, voice acting, cut scenes, ambiance, and more!

As a result, the Royale High New School release date has been the talk of the town. And why shouldn't it be? Campus 3 will feature entirely new systems that are expected to take the Roblox fantasy princess RPG experience to a whole new level. So, without further ado, here's everything you need to know!

When Is The Royale High New School Release Date?


The new Royale High Campus 3 (aka "New School") release date is set for sometime in Summer 2023. While there's no concrete date specified yet, it means that players can look forward to enjoying all the new content and features anytime between now and the end of September.

On 6 August, the developers issued a statement to the Royale High community about the new Campus 3 update. Here is a summary of what they had to say:

The dev team is in the final stages of rolling out the Campus 3 update. Before a full-scale launch, however, it will be introduced in a beta testing phase. The objective is to release the update in controlled stages to verify its functionality and avoid any major bugs and disruptions.

In a strategic move to reduce the risk of bugs and minimize server load, the beta phase will be exclusive to players above level 500. This approach is designed to detect and rectify any potential bugs before they can affect the larger gaming community.

The team has expressed its confidence in the update and assured players that, once verified for stability and performance, Campus 3 will be accessible to the entire player base. The official Royale High Campus 3 release date is still not confirmed, but the devs will inform the community about any updates.

The official trailer shared on BeaPlay's YouTube channel features a stunning teaser, which has naturally triggered massive excitement among the broader Royale High community. This is especially true considering that fans have waited three years for the New School's release.

In case you didn't know, The “New School” in Royale High was initially announced in 2020. However, community members have been in the dark about the project's development ever since.

According to one of the developers, Launcelotdev92, on Twitch, the Royale High New School became much larger than they anticipated.

We just didn't know how much work or time or how many different people and things it would take to get [Royale High New School] working and what might break and stuff like. But man, we are so surprised with how much harder and how much longer it took, which is part of the reason why [it took so long to release the update].

Regardless, this latest announcement is fantastic news all-round for the Royale High community. We'll be sure to update this page with any new details we might come across regarding the New School (Campus 3).

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