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Cook Like A Pirate With Sea of Thieves Cookbook Release Date Announced

Players can cook and eat like pirates in real life, as pre-orders for Sea of Thieves: The Cookbook is live, and a release date has been announced.
Cook Like A Pirate With Sea of Thieves Cookbook Release Date Announced
(Picture: Rare)

With plenty of adventures to embark on, Outposts to visit, and ships to plunder, a pirate must find time to enjoy life's simple things. This includes taking naps, petting their animal companions, or enjoying a delicious cooked meal, which can be done in real life.

Developer Rare and publisher Titan Books have teamed up to compile a new book worthy of having on their ship. The Sea of Thieves: The Cookbook, which was first announced this month, now has a release date of 7th May 2024, which was confirmed on social media.

In true Sea of Thieves fashion, lore surrounds the cookbook's development as Larinna curated these recipes from her days visiting Outposts. As such, she has documented "the residents' newfound appreciation for fine dining in the wake of visits from Hendrick" in a new companion cookbook based on dishes and drinks from the action-adventure sandbox game.

Featuring over 80 recipes, players will take a culinary trip across the Sea of Thieves from "Shores of Plenty to the fiery Devil's Roar," highlighting these locations' unique palettes through delectable dishes and drinks. These recipes include a variety of fish and seafood, poultry, meat, vegan, and vegetarian dishes to cater to every pirate's culinary needs.

We must place a disclaimer that no Kraken was harmed in preparing these dishes or the cookbook, but they can tuck into dishes like Tina's Vegan House Chili or sumptuous House Roast. And let's not forget those pirates with a penchant for sweet treats, who can tuck into desserts like "Grilled Mango and Coconut Ice Cream, Port Merrick Banana Cream Pie, Ashen Lava Cake, and Devil's Shroud Cake."

Pirates can prepare and tuck into delicious bites and meals like "Kraken" tentacles from recipes in the Sea of Thieves: The Cookbook. (Picture: Rare)

But if they want to unwind their day, there's a selection of drink recipes from the Tavern they can try to make in their home kitchens or bars. Although we're not sure what ingredients are in these drinks, judging by the names like Salty Sea Dog Grog, The Devil's Roar, or Ancient's Curse, we can't guarantee they'll suffer similar effects when consuming Grog, so do drink responsibly, mateys!

If they wish to own a copy of Sea of Thieves: The Cookbook, they can visit the Titan Books webstore for more information, as it's currently available to pre-order from various outlets like Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Sea of Thieves: The Cookbook will be available globally from 7th May 2024, priced at $34.95 / £24.99 at selected retailers worldwide and online.