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Where To Get The Legendary Curse In Sea Of Thieves

Rise to legendary status amongst those aligned with the Guardians of Fortune to get this unique Curse detailed in this guide for Sea of Thieves.
Where To Get The Legendary Curse In Sea Of Thieves
(PIcture: Rare)

Sea of Thieves offers plenty of rewarding opportunities for pirates sailing across ocean waters during PvE or PvP activities. From unlocking unique customization items for their Ship to getting access to the latest styles for their pirate, Curses are a unique set of cosmetics that require some hard work to unlock.

The Legendary Curse is one of these Curses that can be unlocked; however, pirates will have to complete some PvP activities to prove that they're the best at sailing the high seas. Rise to legendary status, as we've detailed in this guide for Sea of Thieves on how to get the Legendary Curse.

How To Get The Legendary Curse In Sea Of Thieves?

Curses are unique cosmetic items pirates can obtain when completing Tall Tales, Commendations, or other PvP and PvE content. (Picture: Rare)

Curses are a collection of Vanity cosmetic items that pirates can obtain to complete specific activities in the Sea of Thieves. They are mainly acquired through Commendations and are purely cosmetic, as they have no influence on in-game progression.

Eight Curses are available, six of which can be obtained as part of current cosmetic sets. With the exception of the Legendary Curse, pirates can start adventuring across the Sea of Thieves to complete Tall Tales and Commendations.

Pirates seeking out this exceptionally rare Vanity item can obtain the Curse in a few ways. Firstly, the Legendary Curse was initially unlocked by hitting Renown level 100 during the first season of Sea of Thieves, which has since expired.

Reach an Allegiance level of 105 with the Guardians of Fortune faction to be granted access to the Legendary Curse from Athena's Fortune Shop. (Picture: Rare)

However, there is another way: pirates must have an Allegiance level 105 with the Guardians of Fortune Faction. Once they've met this prerequisite, they can locate Athena's Fortune Shop, where they can purchase the Legendary Curse of 500,000 Gold, which will be immediately added to their Vanity Chest.

The Vanity Chest is a unique chest found aboard their Ships and in the open world; by interacting with this chest to access their owned Vanity items. This chest is also found at the Athena's Fortune Hideout and near the General Clothing Shop, where they can scroll through the tabs to find the Curses tab and equip the Legendary Curse to their pirate.

Once equipped, and depending on the time of day, their pirate will have illuminated eyes, which are not very visible during the daytime. At night, however, their pirate's eyes will glow brightly, and if they are not wearing a shirt, a mark will also glow on the left side of their chest.