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Sea of Thieves to offer Twitch Drops to celebrate release of Season 3

Players can get their hands on an Obsidian Wheel, Ebon Flintlock and Onyx Tankard across three days of Twitch Drops,
Sea of Thieves to offer Twitch Drops to celebrate release of Season 3

Sea of Thieves continues to go from strength to strength. We've had the start of season content, with both Season 1 and 2 undocking since the start of the year.

Last week's E3 also represented something of a high water mark for the series with news that the game was to get its first crossover, and with none other than Captain Jack Sparrow and the blockbuster Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise, it's a match made in pirate heaven, with that treasure trove of content part of Season 3 aka A Pirate's Life, set for release on 22nd June.

pasted_image_0.pngCaptain Jack Sparrow joins Sea of Thieves in Season 3. (Picture: Rare)

To mark the occasion the developers Rare are offering players free cosmetics available through a series of Twitch Drops. There are three items to collect including an Ebon Flintlock Pistol, Onyx Tankard and Obsidian Wheel.

Sea of ThievesSea of Thieves players can get some free cosmetics at the outset of their journey in Season 3. (Picture: Rare)

The drops will start on 25th June, three days after the start of Season 3 and each item will be available for just 24 hours.

Getting your hands on this booty isn't all that difficult but if you are unsure, or you just want to check the drop schedule, check out our guide below.

Sea of Thieves Season 3 Twitch Drops

Twitch drops sea of thievesPlayers can get their hands on these three brooding cosmetics. (Picture: Rare)

Follow these steps to get the Sea of Thieves Twitch Drops

To get these charcoal-coloured treasures you will first need to link your Sea of Thieves account to your Twitch account. 

It's easy done, just head over to the Sea of Thieves website and link them together.

The drops start on 25th June, each cosmetic is available for a 24 hour period. To get the drop you will need to watch ANY Sea of Thieves streamer, on Twitch, during that time. The 24-hour period for each start and ends at 10 am BST.

You will then receive a notification on Twitch, you will need to claim the drop. It will then appear in your in-game inventory.

The drop schedule is as follows:

  • Fri 25th June - Obsidian Wheel
  • Sat 26th June - Ebon Flintlock Pistol 
  • Sun 27th June - Onyx Tankard

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