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Everything you need to know about Smash Ultimate Summit 2

In the second ever Smash Ultimate event hosted by Beyond the Summit, competitive brawls meet a casual viewing experience.
Everything you need to know about Smash Ultimate Summit 2

Smash Ultimate Summit 2 is an upcoming Smash Ultimate tournament that will see 16 of the best players competing in the typical BTS setting.

Fans will not just get to see games, but crowdfunding sees a lie detector test, talent show and crew ping pong tournament added to the schedule.

All of the details you need to know can be found below, including how to watch, where to watch and who will be playing.


When is Smash Ultimate Summit 2?

Smash Ultimate Summit 2 runs from 24th - 27th October 2019.


Where is Smash Ultimate Summit 2?

Smash Ultimate Summit 2 will be hosted by Beyond the Summit in the BTS House in Los Angeles.


Who will be competing at Smash Ultimate Summit 2?

Two players were invited directly to Smash Ultimate Summit 2 - EVO 2019 finalists Leonardo "MKLeo" Lopez Perez and Gavin "Tweek" Dempsey.

Five crowdfunded players will also be in LA this weekend:

  • Randy "RFang" Fang
  • William "Leffen" Hjelte
  • Adam "Armada" Lindgren
  • Eric "ESAM" Lew
  • Ezra "Samsora" Morris

A further nine players qualified through performances at Mainstage, The Big House 9 and 2GG: Nightmare on Smashville. Saleem "Salem" Akiel Young and Antony "MuteAce" Hoo were set to play a tiebreaker, but Salem gave his spot to MuteAce.

  • Sota "Zackray" Okada
  • Samuel "Dabuz" Buzby
  • Enrique "Maister" Hernández Solís
  • Takuma "Tea" Hirooka
  • Antony "MuteAce" Hoo
  • Nairoby "Nairo" Quezada
  • Paris "Light" Ramirez
  • James "VoiD" Makekau-Tyson
  • Tyler "Marss" Martins


What is the format/schedule for Smash Ultimate Summit 2?

SUS2 will be a singles bracket event. It has been confirmed that the main event will feature round robin pools and a double-elimination bracket. Each pools set will have $200 up for grabs.

Heading into Sunday, the final bracket will play out with eight players in the winners' bracket and eight in the losers' bracket.



Who will be casting Smash Ultimate Summit 2?


How can I watch Smash Ultimate Summit 2?

The btssmash Twitch channel will be broadcasting games through the event. Any updates on the matches will also be posted by @BTSSmash on Twitter.


Who won Smash Ultimate Summit 1?

MKLeo is the reigning champion of Smash Ultimate Summit. As the EVO 2019 champion, he is definitely the player to beat at this event.