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Smash Ultimate Joker and Hero amiibo figures: Where to buy, preorder, cost, and release date

The Persona 5 and Dragon Quest protagonists will have their own amiibo figures that will be sure to fly off of shelves. Here’s everything we know about them.
Smash Ultimate Joker and Hero amiibo figures: Where to buy, preorder, cost, and release date

Nintendo found a goldmine with amiibo figurines that accompany every character in their marquee platform fighter franchise Super Smash Bros. since the release of the Wii U version, even expanding to other series like Animal Crossing.

During the live stream showcasing the latest Smash Ultimate character, Min Min from ARMS, game director Masahiro Sakurai revealed a piece of exciting news that got amiibo enthusiasts (and collectors in general)  pumped up — figures for the DLC fighters will make their way to stores.

Following the same release pattern as the fighters themselves, the first one unveiled will be the beloved Persona 5 main protagonist, Joker, with Dragon Quest’s Hero following suit, with fans exploding with excitement on social media after the reveal.


Smash Ultimate joker figurine cost release date
Looking cool Joker! (Credit: Nintendo)

After the excitement for a new amiibo, anxiety over how to get your hands on these cute (basically) limited edition figures comes next. To try and soothe you through this stressful process we put together everything you have to know about Joker and Hero’s amiibo release.


When will the Joker and Hero amiibos be released?

Sadly we didn't get a date set in stone, with a simple "Fall 2020" attached as a possible window. If we look at last year's release window, a set of amiibos just right around Fall was made available including Snake, Ivysaur, and Squirtle in September 2019.

Another wave followed in early November with Simon Belmont, Incineroar, and Chrom joining the roster of the toys-to-life line. Expect Joker and Hero to hit stores somewhere in-between these months.


Where can I preorder the Joker and Hero amiibos?

Smash Ultimate hero release date and cost
(Picture: Nintendo)

At the moment, there are no official listings for the amiibos, rest assured, Amazon and GameStop are still the safest bets to keep an eye one.

Again, going by the roadmap established with the release of last year's Fall batch, preorders for Incineroar, Simon, and Chrom went live on September 13th.


How much will the Joker and Hero amiibos cost?

This is a tricky one, amiibos may vary in prices depending on the series they're a part of, and if you don't manage to snag one from an official vendor, prepare to pay way above their regular cost.

Despite Joker's slick-looking base that includes his signature blue flames whenever he summons a persona, being a Smash Ultimate figure, it's a safe assumption the initial price for both him and Hero will start at £12,99 in the UK, a two quid bump over the Smash for Wii U counterparts.

Which one are you excited to get? Particularly, that Joker one looks just too good to resist the urge.