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How To Get The Good Neighbors Achievement In Stardew Valley

Here's how to get the Good Neighbors achievement in Stardew Valley and befriend the raccoon family.
How To Get The Good Neighbors Achievement In Stardew Valley
(Picture: ConcernedApe)

Stardew Valley's 1.6 update added numerous new achievements among all of the new content. One of the achievements, the Good Neighbors achievement, involves some pretty adorable raccoons up in a tree. Here's how to get the 'Good Neighbors' achievement in Stardew Valley 1.6, which involves befriending the raccoon family.

How To Get The ‘Good Neighbors' Achievement

raccoon journal
Players can buy a variety of items from the Raccoon Wife's store. (Picture: ConcernedApe)

Before starting the Good Neighbors achievement, you'll first have to finish the Big Tree achievement. Then, you'll be able to start getting requests from the raccoon family. Getting the Good Neighbors achievement requires finishing eight different quests.

After finishing just one quest, you'll be able to unlock the Raccoon Wife, also known as Mrs. Raccoon, and her store. Finishing more quests will unlock additional items from her shop.

Here are all of the requests you'll need to finish for the Good Neighbors achievement:

Request Items Needed Rewards

5 Fish

1 Smoked Fish

Mrs Raccoon and her store


1 Dried Fruit

1 Jelly

Raccoon Journal

New items in Mrs Raccoon’s store

+1 Raccoon child


1 Produce Item

1 Mushroom

Raccoon Hat

New items in Mrs Raccoon’s store

+1 Raccoon Child


1 Juice

1 Pickle

5 Fairy Dust

New items in Mrs Raccoon’s store

+1 Raccoon Child


5 items

1-5 of another item

Jungle Tank

New items in Mrs Raccoon’s store

+ 1 Raccoon Child


1 Dried Mushroom

5 Algae

Stardrop Tea

+1 Raccoon Child


1 Juice 

1 Pickle

25 Powdermelon Seeds

+1 Raccoon Child


4 items

1 Trash item

Stardrop Tea

+1 Raccoon Child

Raccoon Wife Stock

You'll unlock the Raccoon Wife's shop after completing just one quest for the raccoon family. Unlike most vendors in Stardew Valley, you won't need to spend Gold to purchase items from the racoon family. Instead, you can trade in your scraps - things like Fiber, extra Seeds, Sap, and Pine Cones.

Here's what the raccoon wife has in stock, and what you'll need to trade in order to get those items:

Items For Sale Items To Trade
Raccoon Journal 999 Fiber
Raccoon Hat 10 Mixed Seeds
Carrot Seeds 1 Maple Seed
Summer Squash Seeds 15 Sap
Broccoli Seeds 5 Moss
Powdermelon Seeds 2 Pine Cones
Mixed Seeds 1 Cave Carrot
Fairy Dust 1 Mystic Syrup
Jungle Tank 5 Broken Glasses