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Starfield Xbox Cheats, Codes and PC Console Commands

Here are all the Starfield cheats you can use on PC and Xbox.
Starfield Xbox Cheats, Codes and PC Console Commands

Are you eager to use cheats in Starfield? For the most part, Starfield is a traditional BGS open world game where there's plenty of freedom to explore, tackle unique quests, and build your character to your liking.

Likewise, there's also plenty of freedom when it comes to modding and using cheats in Starfield. Past BGS games were no stranger to cheats and mods, and it's one of the reasons why Skyrim is still such a popular title. Starfield is no different in this regard, and there's already a bunch of cheats that you could use to turn the game upside down. With that said, here are all the Starfield cheats currently available. 

How to Use Cheats in Starfield on Xbox

Sadly, there's no way to use cheats in Starfield on Xbox right now. However, Bethesda has confirmed that official mod support is coming to Starfield on consoles in 2024, so there should be some cheat mods that allow you to enter cheats similar to how it is in games like Fallout 4. 

starfield cheats xbox
You can't use cheats in Starfield on Xbox. (Picture: Bethesda)

How to Use Cheats in Starfield on PC

You can enter cheats in Starfield on PC by pressing the tilde key (~) on the keyboard. It's important to note that using cheats will disable Achievements in the game, so if you're an Achievement hunter, maybe give it a second thought.

All Starfield Cheats 

Starfield Cheats Effects
saq Begin all main and side quests
caqs Complete all main and side quests
tdetect NPCs won't detect you when in stealth
tcai NPCs won't target and attack you
tcl Toggles collision. It allows you to walk through walls
killall Kills all NPCs in the area, including non-hostile ones
kah Kills all hostile NPCs in the area
tgm Gives you infinite health, stamina, and carrying capacity (God mode)
tim You will take damage but won't die (Immortal mode)
tm Hide and unhide UI
tfc Activates free camera movement
removeoutpost Remove the targeted outpost and all the built items within it
sexchange Change your character's gender
setlocaltime Set the local time of a planet
setgravityscale (enter number) Change the local gravity
passtime (enter hours) Fast forward time
startnewgame Start a new game without UI
unlock unlock nearby doors and containers
resurrect Resurrect nearby NPC
player.setlevel (enter level) Set your character's level
player.additem f (enter amount) Infinite money
player.additem a (enter amount) Infinite digipicks
player.setav carryweight (enter amount) Infinite carry weight
player.paycrimegold 0 0 (enter faction id) Clear bounty of a particular faction

player.removeperk (enter Perk ID)

Remove a skill or trait.

player.additem (enter Item ID> <add amount>

Add an item to your inventory

player.placeatme 0007B2B9 1

Spawn a legendary spacesuit

player.placeatme 0010A25D 1

Spawn a legendary pack

player.placeatme 0010A25E 1

Spawn a legendary helmet

player.placeatme 0019121F 10000

Spawn 10,000 milk cartoons
enter cheats starfield
Press the tilde key on the keyboard to enter cheats. (Picture: Shreyansh/Bethesda)