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How To Add & Invite Friends In The Finals

Come and check out how to add friends on The Finals!
How To Add & Invite Friends In The Finals
Embark Studios

Can You Add Friends In The Finals?

Yes, you can add friends on The Finals, but just like the first beta of the game, it's far from the easiest task. You would think that with The Finals being a team based game that the experience would be simpler, but no, because some of the same problems, bugs, and confusion from the first beta remains.

Naturally, it's lead to many players facing issues (again) and articles like this one which aim to help you get into the game with your friends. So don't feel silly, many players have been struggling with adding friends in The Finals, even us. Thankfully if you read on we've got a step by step guide to help you.

65396759432f5-THE FINALS _ Open Beta _ PC & Console _ Oct 2023 0-27 screenshot.png
Image: Embark Studios

How To Add Friends In The Finals

Please follow these steps to add friends on The Finals:

  1. Launch the game and head to the main menu 
  2. Select the settings cog wheel in the top right corner 
  3. Select "Settings"
  4. Turn Crossplay from "off" to "on"
  5. Change your matchmaking to your appropriate region (EU, NA, AS)
  6. Head back to the main menu
  7. At the top of the main menu, a friends adding section should appear 
  8. Select the friend's section "Social" and "Add friend" 
  9. Type in your friend's name and code, for example Will#1111
  10. Send your friend request and wait for them to accept to join their party

If you've forgotten your username and code, simply head to the social tab and look in the top left corner where you will find your username and "#" for friends to add.

To add and join friends, you will have to ensure they've also followed these steps, otherwise, they won't be able to accept your friend request nor join your lobby. Despite this being a slightly ridiculous and grueling process, you're now able to enjoy an incredible title alongside friends; a small sacrifice for the greater good!