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The Finals: How to Use Reserve Loadout

Come and check out how to use your reserve loadout in The Finals
The Finals: How to Use Reserve Loadout

The reserve loadout in the finals is exactly what you would expect it to be; an alternative loadout for players to use in tense situations. Hence it's imperative to learn how to set up both your primary and reserve loadouts, it could be the difference between life and death! 

How To Use The Reserve Loadout In The Finals

Using the reserve loadout in The Finals is rather straightforward, players only have to press J whilst respawning to equip the reserve loadout. After pressing J, players will be given a prompt in the middle of their screen directly under "Request Revive." 

Please note there is no penalty for using your reserve loadout within The Finals. 

Image: Embark Studios

Changing to your reserve loadout can be done in any game mode during the open beta. Equipping the reserve loadout can only be completed whilst waiting for the respawn timer to conclude, putting you back in the game. Players are unable to equip their reserve loadout in the middle of gunfights unless dying and waiting to respawn.

Your reserve loadout should be different from your primary loadout, players should try to gain the most advantage out of having additional equipment at their disposal. Having a direct replication of your primary class might not change the gameplay too much!