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Adult site uses picture of Twitch streamer Neekolul for ad

The famous OK Boomer girl recently signed a contract with esports organisation 100 Thieves as her Twitch career continues to grow.
Adult site uses picture of Twitch streamer Neekolul for ad

As a public figure, streamers are often subject to all sorts of defamation, yet this is certainly a stranger than usual instance involving Twitch personality Neekolul and adult website Pornhub.

Over the past couple of days, fans of Neeko have discovered that the Mexican-American streamer that rose to fame thanks to her OK Boomer TikTok video (to the point it earned her a contract with 100 Thieves) has been popping up in ads across the site.


While the 23-year-old has paid no mind to the issue, it would be obvious to assume she had no involvement in the creation of the aforementioned publicity that uses a picture she uploaded to her social media this past March.

If Neeko confirms the picture was used without her consent, there could be a strong case for a lawsuit to take place, as contrary to popular belief, Instagram pictures are indeed copyrighted, plus there are grounds to act on defamation as well, as the ad depicts the streamer as a person willing to engage in sexual activities.

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As of the time of publication, the streamer has yet to acknowledge this bizarre incident and it remains to be seen if she'll take any public action against the website or the creators behind the publicity.