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Best Valorant Agents For Sunset Map 2023

Here are the best agents you can pick in the Sunset map in Valorant, including the list of best duelists, controls, sentinels, and initiators.
Best Valorant Agents For Sunset Map 2023
Best Agents In Valorant Sunset Map . (Picture: Riot Games)

Valorant Episode 7 Act 2 will add a brand new map, Sunset, to the game and will bring in new gameplay strategies, especially with it being focussed on taking mid-control. Now, the agents you pick in each map play an essential role in winning the match, and there are over 20 agents in Valorant, making it difficult to choose the right ones before testing them all.

Thus, to save you time, we have listed the best agents to play on the Sunset map in Valorant after playing it early.

Valorant Sunset: Best Agents To Pick

Best Duelists: Raze and Neon

Best Valorant Duelists to pick in Sunset.
Best Valorant Duelists to pick in Sunset. (Picture: Riot Games/GINX)

Sunset map has a lot of cheeky angles that opponents can hold, and Raze's utilities will help you clear them out using her grenade (Paint Shells). Her satchels, i.e., Blast Packs, will help you rush the opponents and take site control quickly, especially if you combine them with her Showstopper.

Also, since Sunset is a big map, rotating can be a hefty task, especially if opponents are rushing you. Neon will help you travel quickly to join your team and also take early mid and site control. Her walls will help you enter the sites and will be extremely helpful in blocking opponents, especially in mid while you reach your destination. 

Best Controllers: Astra, Brimstone, Harbor, and Viper

Best Valorant Controllers to pick in Sunset.
Best Valorant Controllers to pick in Sunset. (Picture: Riot Games/GINX)

Harbor's High Tide will help you block the mid and site completely, and the cherry on top is that it will regenerate with time. Apart from this, his Cove will help you plant the spike and defuse half of it to give you an upper hand. You can also use his Cascade to retake the site and isolate the opponents. His ultimate will cover the whole site, and since there is not enough space on the sites for enemies to run, you can use that opportunity to establish your control.

Viper will be another useful controller in Sunset as you can play post plant with her Snake Bite, and her Toxic Screen will help you block off the enemies while you take off angles to catch opponents off guard. Also, since the sites are small, her Pit will cover the whole site, making it difficult for opponents to contend for it. You can also use it to take mid control more easily since that is one of the most important parts of the plan while playing Sunset.

Astra and Brimstone will be able to smoke anywhere on the map and thus, will help delay the enemies' push no matter where they are. Brimstone's Stim Beacon will help you and your team move fast on the huge map, and his molly and ultimate can be used in post plant situations. Astra's ultimate will help you block multiple lanes at once, and with the new balance changes, opponents will not be able to hear even muffled sounds as the audio will be blocked entirely, giving you an added advantage.

Best Sentinels: Killjoy, Cypher, and Chamber

Best Valorant Sentinels to pick in Sunset.
Best Valorant Sentinels to pick in Sunset. (Picture: Riot Games/GINX)

Sentinel can hold a site on its own while the other players guard mid and the other site, making it difficult for opponents to take control of the map. Killjoy's Turret and Cypher's Trip Wires and Camera will give you a lot of information as it is pretty easy to flank in Sunset. Apart from this, their ultimates will be quite strong, as Killjoy will help you push the opponents out of the site, and retaking will not be easier for them. Cypher's ultimate, on the other side, will give you information about other enemies' locations so that you can choose a site to rush to accordingly. 

Chamber's pick rate will increase after the Jett nerfs come into place, and if you want to use an operator, he is the agent to go for. Since there are a lot of good places in Sunset for using an operator, his teleports will help him get on the containers or escape any push from enemies while still having a good angle to kill them.

Best Initiators: Skye and KAY/O

Best Valorant Initiators to pick in Sunset.
Best Valorant Initiators to pick in Sunset. (Picture: Riot Games/GINX)

Even after receiving a nerf, Skye is one of the best initiators to go with in Sunset, along with KAY/O. Their flashes will help you take control of the places that you want, and Skye's flashes will also give you regular information about enemies' whereabouts. In addition, her Trailblazer can go distances to clear multiple angles for you. Her Seekers will give away the remaining opponents' whereabouts, which will help you plan how you want to proceed further in the match; plus, she can heal her teammates.

KAY/O's Knife (ZERO/POINT) will give you the number of opponents present in the scanned area and will also suppress them, which will help you take control more easily. Apart from this, his FRAG/MENT can be extremely helpful in post plant situations and clearing out some cheeky angles. KAY/O's ultimate will suppress the opponents, making it extremely helpful in retaking the site, and if you die, you can be revived.