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Envy secure Valorant Champions spot by reaching Masters Berlin final

Envy continues to dominate teams at Masters Berlin, 2-0ing 100 Thieves in the semifinals.
Envy secure Valorant Champions spot by reaching Masters Berlin final

El Diablo Jaccob "yay" Whiteaker is on the loose in Berlin and has made its way to the Masters Berlin grand finals alongside Team Envy after dismantling 100 Thieves in the event's semifinals.

Continuing his run of impressive performances at the second international LAN event, the Envy star duelist simply outperformed 100 Thieves with ease, recording a total of 51 kills across both Haven (13-5) and Ascent (13-8), with an Average Damage per Round of 224. The best 100T player, Nicholas "nitr0" Cannella, lagged behind with 37 kills and 157 ADR.

yay envy
El Diablo continues to dominate Berlin. (Picture:

Envy, who has yet to drop a map during Masters Berlin, bested Sentinels in the quarter-finals and came in as favourites to make it all the way to grands, with 100 Thieves clutch factor being the only massive hurdle that could make their biggest win as a franchise in Valorant a simple statistic.

Nerves of steel (no pun intented) and rock-solid fundamentals, especially on their attack halves, knowing when to rush into a site or methodically take down 100 Thieves' utility, was more than enough to put those fears to rest, denying players of the calibre of Spencer "Hiko" Martin or Peter "Asuna" Mazuryk constant clutches throughout the match.

Now, Envy carries the weight of an entire region, which has proudly clamoured to be the best in Valorant amid a dominant Sentinels period, as they face Gambit, the best squad to come out of EMEA entering Masters Berlin.

The win carries an extra bonus for the Envy guys, as they secured a Valorant Champions spot, releasing a ton of pressure off their shoulders coming into grand finals. 

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Envy will now play for pride against Gambit. (Picture: Envy)

NA vs EU, Envy vs Gambit, Yay vs nAts, the final showdown is about to begin, one that has massive implications for both regions and teams like TSM as they look for a spot in Valorant Champions. The stage is set for a banger of a match, and we're sure it won't disappoint.

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