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Valorant: Fnatic Kamyk Reveals Which Map Should Replace Bind

Fnatic Kamyk shares his thoughts on the new Bind changes in Valorant and which map it should replace in the game.
Valorant: Fnatic Kamyk Reveals Which Map Should Replace Bind

After winning against BBL Esports, Fnatic Kamyk shared his thoughts regarding the new changes coming to Bind in Valorant in an interview with GINX, along with which map he thinks should replace in the game. According to Kamyk, the Bind changes are pretty weird, especially around the teleporters and "there are not many things that changed in the map;" however, he is pretty curious about the changes coming to the B Elbow.

Kamyk explained that he is interested to see what the new vent added to the elbow is for and how it will change the gameplay strategies. He further added that "overall, the changes are good" for both defenders and attackers. Talking about which map Bind should replace in Valorant, Kamyk explained, "it should replace Pearl because I don't like the map overall. It's a pretty new map, but I think it has to be changed a bit because it's sometimes really weird to play. "

Bind will be making a return to Valorant in Episode 6 Act 3, i.e. patch 6.08, on April 25, and we should soon find out whether Kamyk's wish comes true or not.