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Fracture removed from Valorant ranked due to game-breaking bug

The divisive "Fracture" map debuted in Valorant competitive with the latest patch 3.06 update and was immediately taken down by Riot Games.
Fracture removed from Valorant ranked due to game-breaking bug

Riot Games recently decided to remove its newest map, Fracture, from Valorant's competitive queue following a game-breaking bug that sees the Spike spawn beneath the map. This comes mere hours after Fracture's official debut in the game's competitive lobbies.

Valorant players started reporting this incident after the arrival of patch v3.06, one that introduced the divisive map to the ranked map pool, after two weeks since it debuted with its own dedicated playlist.

Fracture removed from Valorant ranked due to game-breaking bug

The map's main gimmick revolves around defenders spawning in the middle of the map, from where they can decide to position themselves on either the A or B sites. The attackers spawn near a zipline, where they can then relocate with ease.

A big issue with the zipline is that, if players drop the spike near it, it won't relocate to a position where anyone else can pick it up. This is something that usually happens on other maps, like the bouncing Spike trick on Icebox. In fact, it clips right through the map.

Due to this, Riot has decided that they were disabling Fracture from competitive until further notice, effective immediately.

When will Fracture return to Valorant competitive?

According to Riot Game's announcement via social media, they are looking to bring back Fracture within the next 24-hours, once they resolve the game-breaking bug causing struggles for players.

The map will make its return in 24 hours... hopefully. (Picture: Riot Games)

Whether that's true or whether the team will need more time to iron out the details remains to be seen. One thing is for sure though, it seems the vast majority of the community are not too thrilled with the map's inclusion and are praying that Fracture stays out of competitive indefinitely. 


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Featured image courtesy of Riot Games.