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G2 Gozen Wins First-Ever Valorant Game Changers Championship

G2 Gozen pulls off an unbelievable reverse sweep against Shopify Rebellion to win VCT Game Changers Champions 2022.
G2 Gozen Wins First-Ever Valorant Game Changers Championship

History has been created as G2 Gozen pulled out an insane reverse sweep against Shopify Rebellion to win the first-ever Valorant Game Changers Championship. Maryam "Mary" Maher, the youngest player in the tournament, shined throughout the series. Shopify comfortably won the first two maps, and making a comeback from that situation was next to impossible. But as they say, "expect the unexpected," and that's exactly what G2 did by destroying the runner-ups in the next three maps. 

G2 had the advantage of banning two maps as they qualified from the upper bracket, and they banned Haven and Fracture. The first map, Pearl, was G2's pick; however, it was also one of the strongest maps for Shopify. The first half was balanced for both sides as it ended with a score of 6-6; however, when Shopify Rebellion took the defending side, they snatched the game away from G2 by winning six consecutive rounds. Though G2 tried to make a comeback by securing the next three rounds, it wasn't enough to secure a win, as Shopify took the lead in the series by winning the first map by 13-9.

The story repeated itself once again in Bind, where the score at the end of the first half was 7-5 in favor of G2, but they couldn't convert it into a victory as Shopify won eight out of ten rounds in the second half and secure another win by 13-9.

At this moment, Shopify Rebellion was just one map win away from lifting the trophy, but G2 snatched that dream away, starting by winning the third map, Ascent, by a massive margin of nine points, and right after that, Icebox was conquered with another massive score gap of ten points.

We finally reached the final map; Breeze and Sonder surprised everyone by taking Reyna instead of Neon; however, since she was not very comfortable with the agent, the plan backfired, and G2 dominated from the beginning. Shopify couldn't do much on Breeze as well except win a few rounds, and G2 continued to keep the record of not losing on Breeze even once in any Game Changers series alive while becoming the first-ever VCT Game Changers Championship Winners.

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Featured image via Riot Games.