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G2 look to ozzy replace zeek for VCT Challengers 2 qualifiers

The international squad decided it was a time for a change and have looked to former CS:GO competitor Oscar “ozzy” Scott.
G2 look to ozzy replace zeek for VCT Challengers 2 qualifiers

Oscar “ozzy” Scott will be standing in for Aleksander “zeek” Zygmunciak during upcoming Valorant Challengers 2 qualifiers, the organization has announced. 

Everything points to the Polish player being permanently removed from G2’s roster. In recent days rumours began swirling of zeek imminent removal from the active roster. His manager at ProPlayers Agency, Krzysztof Kubicki, effectively "teased" the news in a tweet last week that suggested zeek would soon return to the top of Valorant.

Kubicki wrote:

“This is the moment when you have to grit your teeth. I believe that zeek will return to the international level and surprise everyone."

It is a surprising move as zeek was the last player to join the roster, coming in January to replace David "DavidP" Prins who was benched following the First Strike EU tournament.

ozzy himself, similarly to many Valorant players, was once a CS:GO competitor. He represented for Vexed Gaming, although he failed to find success in Valve’s shooter, hence the decision to switch to Riot Games’ title. He will shortly join the rest of the team at their bootcamp in Berlin. 

In this case, G2 Esports’ roster, which will participate in the next Valorant Challengers qualifiers looks as follows:

  • Oscar “mixwell” Cañellas
  • Ardis “ardiis” Svarenieks
  • Jacob “pyth” Mourujarvi
  • Patryk “PaTiTek” Fabrowski
  • Oscar “ozzy” Scott
  • Neil “neilzinho” Finlay - coach

G2 were the darlings of European Valorant in the nascent esports' first year, however, performances have fallen off and most recently they failed to qualify for Stage 2 Challengers 1  which kicked off today.

That tournament will be their last chance to earn a place at the Challengers Finals and ultimately the Reykjavik VCT Masters, the game's first cross-regional LAN, an event that G2 will be desperate to compete.