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Valorant: How to get free Prime Gaming Radianite Points

A guide on how to get free 10 Radianite Points for Valorant with Prime Gaming.
Valorant: How to get free Prime Gaming Radianite Points

If you are a Valorant player and are in a mood for some free stuff, then we have some good news for you.

Amazon Prime Gaming and Riot Games are giving away free Radianite Points!

You can spend your Radianite Points to upgrade your weapons' look and sound in various ways, by changing their VFX, audio, animations, finishers and variants.

Usually, you either buys this with real money or earn them by completing Contracts from the Battle Pass, but this time around, you can get 10 Radianite Points for free.

And here's how you can get them.

Prime Gaming Radianite Points: how to get for free

valorant prime gaming how to get free
(Picture: Amazon/Riot Games)

Just follow these few steps, and it should be quite easy.

You'll need Prime Gaming membership which is free for a month, so you can get 10 Radianite Points for free!

  • Go to Prime Gaming and click on "Try Free".
  • Link your Riot (Valorant) account with Amazon account HERE.
  • When all is done, click the blue Claim button on the Paladins offer page and enjoy your Radianite Points!

This is just a first of many monthly rewards awaiting Valorant players through Prime Gaming, so make sure to check every month Valorants's Prime Gaming page to see what other new loot awaits you.