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Valorant Mouse Not Working Bug: How To Fix

Sometimes your mouse can stop working in Valorant due to a bug and here is how you can fix it to start playing again.
Valorant Mouse Not Working Bug: How To Fix

All the games out there suffer from bugs/errors, and Valorant is no different. While Riot is always working hard to fix them with every patch, some of them might still crawl into the game. One of these bugs is when the mouse stops working all of a sudden in Valorant, and as a result, you can't navigate to different sections of the game, nor can you play a match.

If you are a victim of this bug, here's how you can fix it to continue your grind and fun with your teammates/friends. 

How to Fix Mouse Not Working Bug in Valorant

Mouse gets stuck on the top left corner of Valorant and you can't move it.
Mouse gets stuck on the top left corner of Valorant and you can't move it. (Picture: Riot Games/Rabia)

The fixes listed below are not officially provided by Riot Games, but they have worked for various players, so it's worth trying them out.

  • The first fix to try is to quit Valorant by pressing ALT+F4 on your keyboard and restarting the game.
  • If the issue is not fixed, quit the game and rerun it as administrator. You can do it by right-clicking on its icon and hitting the Run As Administrator option in the menu.
  • While one of the above fixes made the bug go away for most players, if you are still stuck with him, try updating your mouse and graphics drivers if they are not updated. 
  • If none of the fixes work for you somehow, either uninstall and reinstall Valorant or report the bug to the support team. They will come back to you with some potential fixes based on the information provided by you. 

That's everything you need to know about fixing the mouse not working bug in Valorant. 

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Featured image via Riot Games.