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Valorant Won't Have A Platinum Trophy On PlayStation 5

Trophy hunters may be out of luck as Valorant seems to have no Platinum trophies for its arrival on PlayStation.
Valorant Won't Have A Platinum Trophy On PlayStation 5
Riot Games

With Valorant making strong headway towards release on PS5 and Xbox consoles this year, many players are looking forward to diving right in and enjoying the FPS multiplayer battle royale experience. However, it seems that achievement hunters on PlayStation won't have a huge target to aspire towards, as there isn't a Platinum Trophy listed for the game.

Of course, the game will still have trophies, but for those looking to "Plat" the game, you'll be out of luck, at least from what we see right now. So, let's discuss the details of Valorant's console release and its missing Platinum Trophy on PlayStation 5.

Valorant Won't Have A Platinum Trophy On PlayStation 5

Valorant is considered to be the ideal balance between Overwatch 2 and Counter-Strike, and with its undeniable popularity on PC, its arrival on consoles, both Xbox and PlayStation, is likely to be a successful drop. The game was only fully released on consoles in late 2024, but it has just launched its limited beta starting on June 14th, giving us a list of the trophies currently available.

Valornt Wont Have Platinum Trophies For PS5 Details
Valorant will have 16 trophies when it launches on PS5, and while none of them are Platinum trophies, we may see them implemented in the future. (Picture: Riot Games)

Players who have taken part in the beta have noted that there are only 16 trophies at the time of writing, and unfortunately, none of those 16 trophies is a PS5 platinum, which is disappointing for trophy hunters who go for games with platinum trophies attached. Nonetheless, the available trophies aren't anything to scoff at, with their requirements such as getting 1000 headshots or using your abilities 2000 times being no easy feat. Here's a quick breakdown of the trophies currently in Valorant for PS5:

  • Who's next?: Get 1 Kill (Bronze)
  • And that's how it gets done!: Win 1 Game (Bronze)
  • Right between the eyes.: Get 300 Headshots (Silver)
  • They're super dead!: Get 1000 Headshots (Gold)
  • That's going to leave a scar.: Deal 250,000 Damage (Silver)
  • Looks like I got a little carried away.: Deal 500,000 Damage
  • Time for a field test.: Use your Abilities 2000 times (Silver)
  • Take control.: Use your Abilities 4000 times (Gold)
  • Here comes the party!: Use your Ultimate 125 times (Silver)
  • Must I do everything?: Get an Ace (Gold)
  • Five in, five out.: Get a Flawless (Gold)
  • Beep beep beep, enough of that.: Successfully defuse a Spike with less than a second remaining (Silver)
  • I'm built different.: Earn a Clutch (Silver)
  • I know exactly where you are.: Get 10 Wallbang Kills (Bronze)
  • Next time we'll use wooden sticks!: Get a Thrifty (Silver)
  • You want to play? Let's play: Use your Ultimate 300 times (Gold)

So while these trophies are limited to Bronze, Silver, and Gold, they are still tough enough to warrant the bragging rights of getting them. With Valorant being quite a fun game to play overall, we think it's well worth getting regardless of the lack of Platinum trophies. And hey, who knows, with time Riot Games might just introduce some platinum trophies later down the line.