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Valorant SmokeDancer Agent: Release Date, Abilities, More

New Valorant agent, SmokeDancer, has been leaked, and here are all the details we have.
Valorant SmokeDancer Agent: Release Date, Abilities, More

Riot Games has already confirmed that we will be getting new Valorant agents, modes, and maps in 2023, and the codename for the upcoming agent has been leaked, which is "SmokeDancer," and as the name depicts, he/she is going to be a Controller. 

As per the leaks, the agent is currently under development and may or may not be the next agent we will be getting in Valorant this year.

At the moment, we have 22 agents in the game, and the latest one, Gekko, is an initiator, so it is not unlikely that we can get another controller in the game. However, if that's still the case, we can expect Riot to reveal it in a major event like VCT Masters Japan 2023.

Riot will release the agent to selected content creators, journalists, streamers, etc., and will also make it available in PBE before it is released globally. As of now, there is no information about its release date and abilities, so the best we can do is wait for more information, and we will update this page once we have more details. 

Check out our video below, discussing VCT 2023, the future of Valorant Esports, discussing what Riot has in store for the players and fans.