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Valorant Community Battlepass: How to vote for community-inspired spray, gun buddy, and game title

Valorant Community Battlepass will include various items that represent communities around the globe, and here's how you can vote and decide which items will become a part of the Community Battlepass.
Riot Games continues with the celebration of Valorant's 1st anniversary, which includes a series of Valorant YR1 events.

Over a period of almost two months, Valorant players will have a chance to enjoy various events and free rewards, including free  Player Cards, YR1 Give Back Bundle, Event Pass,  wwFest festival, and more.

Among other things, with the Valorant YR1 celebration, Riot Games wants to focus attention on the diversity of each of the global Valorant regions, and in order to do so, they are introducing Community Battlepass.

Players from all regions will have a chance to vote for items like Sprays, Gun Buddies, and titles, which are inspired and themed around those regions.

By voting for their favourite items, they will decide which of these items will be included in a Community-powered Battlepass slated for release later this summer.

How to vote for Community Battlepass items?

how to vote Valorant Community Battlepass
(Picture: Riot Games)

The voting has now started, and players will be able to choose their favourite community-created Sprays, Gun Buddies, and titles.

Everyone who has a Valorant account will be able to vote starting today, 9th June, and up until 25th June 2021.

If you want to participate in the voting, all you need to do is these few steps:

  • Enter Valorant
  • Check out your in-game announcement tile
  • Find Community Battlepass voting
  • Vote for your favourite Sprays, Gun Buddies, and titles

And that's it! Your vote has been recorded and now you will have to wait for a few weeks to find out which items have won and will become a part of the Community Battlepass.

To find out more about Valorant YR1 events, check out our dedicated YR1 article.