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Valorant "Grenadier" Agent: Release date, abilities, leaks, more

We are learning more and more about Valorant's sixteenth Agent, coming in Episode 3, it is set to give a shock to the current meta.
Valorant "Grenadier" Agent: Release date, abilities, leaks, more

We've had the guessing, the leaks, the little hints that Riot love to drop in their comms but last night we finally got our first official look at Valorant's sixteenth agent during the Summer Game Fest 2021 showcase.

Currently going by the name Grenadier in certain circles, they seem to be a robot who doesn't look all too dissimilar to Apex Legends' Pathfinder or Valorant's very own bots that you find in the practice mode.

What abilities exactly the Grenadier will come with is not yet known, but hints so big they could be seen from space appeared in a recent blog post and if this Agent doesn't have HE grenades, perhaps fired using a grenade launcher, and an EMP device that shuts down other Agent's abilities then I will eat my hat.

Valorant grenadier agent 16th agent episode 3Is this Valorant's 16th Agent? (Picture: Riot Games)

Set for release alongside Episode 3, it won't be long till we really do know what's in store but until then here is everything we do know about Valorant's next Agent.

When will Valorant get its 16th Agent?

The easiest question to answer. After the developers decided to forgo releasing an Agent with Episode 2 Act 3, there is absolutely no doubt that a new one will be released alongside the start of Episode 3.

The date that Episode 3 Act 1 starts is well-known with it scheduled to come out on 22nd June.

Unless the launch date gets pushed back we can expect a new Agent very soon.

What abilities will the Grenadier have?

As mentioned previously, Grenadier's abilities have been teased. We've heard how the developers are "throwing in some abilities" that are similar to those seen in "traditional FPS games" aka grenades (caveat: maybe).

There is also the EMP device which is all but confirmed, the blog post which has talked most about this Agent quite literally malfunctioned and the developers said that the Agent can create "moments where you must rely on your gunplay".

Who is Valorants next agent?(Picture: Riot Games)

We have also seen further teasers, both in and out of the game. The latest map, Breeze, now has references to an "Imminent Arrival" as well as a Jett knife that appears to be electronically stuck.

Jett knife stuck Breeze easter egg
(Picture: Riot Games)

The YR1 celebrations also included a banner to tease the new agent.

Valorant Agent symbols(Picture: Riot Games)

The symbol is assumed to reference one of the Agent's abilities.


The thing we actually know least about this Agent is their backstory, though there is some evidence to point to them being connected in some way to Killjoy.

Previous leaks have suggested that, early in development, Killjoy was, not just a fan of robots, but a robot herself. Is there still a connection between the two? Time will tell.

Another interesting theory appeared on the Valorant subreddit last night, that suggested that Grenadier is one of the bots from practice mode but who now "believes in himself". 


We will update this section with more information as we get it.