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Valorant leaks give first look at "Sovereign" Radiante upgradable weapon bundle

This gold-plated weapon bundle looks like one of the best yet.
Valorant got its first update since its official release today, bringing with it a further nerf to Sage and additional features to new game mode Spike Rush, in the form of additional Orb types you can now pick up.

And like so many games, there was also a number of other game assets included in the update that is not yet in the game and thanks to Valorant's army of data miners we have the first look at a brand new Weapon Bundle that will likely be hitting the store soon.

We have to thank Twitter user floxay for this one, who dug into the game files and found a sleek white and gold plated Weapon Bundle, which appears to be upgradable using Radiante points which at it's the highest level produces a unique death animation.



It appears that on hitting a headshot, the heavens open up, and a large shard of gold-white and blue light pulverise your opponents. 

The leaker believes the collection is named "Sovereign" which would fit in with the royal look of the weapons, but we have seen in the past that the leaked names are subject to change.



There is no word yet on the price but going off previous weapon collections it is likely 7,100 Valorant Points.

Sovereign Collection Weapon Bundle

The weapon bundle will contain a skin for the Ghost, Spectre, Guardian, Marshall and Knife.


Sovereign weapon bundle leak Valorant
(Picture: floxay)


Valorant Knife Sovereign
(Picture: floxay)


Ghost Sovereign weapon bundle valorant

(Picture: floxay)


Sovereign Spectre radianite points

(Picture: floxay)


Guardian Sovereign Valorant


(Picture: floxay)


Marshall Sovereign

(Picture: floxay)