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Valorant Nebula Collection: Price and all the weapon skins

Take a look at all the new skins in the Valorant Nebula Collection and their possible price.
Valorant Nebula Collection: Price and all the weapon skins

With the latest update (v1.06), dataminers have found a new Valorant Nebula Collection, set to release on the in-game store on 21st August 2020. This galaxy-themed collection looks incredible. Here's what you need to know, including a look at individual Nebula Collection skins, as well as the possible price.


Valorant Nebula Collection price

At the time of writing, the Valorant Nebula Collection isn't available on the store just yet. However, thanks to Floxay, we know the possible Valorant Nebula Collection price.

According to the game's files, the Nebula Collection skins are all premium tier. This means the price for each gun skin in this new Valorant collection is 1775 VP. The knife will set you back 3550 VP. 



This means the price for the full Valorant Nebula Collection bundle is 7100 VP, and it's worth it, judging by the look of these amazing skins.



Valorant Nebula Collection skins

There's a total of four gun skins in the Nebula Collection, as well as a beautiful knife. Each of the skins showcases stars, black holes, and beautiful galactic swirls which just pops. 

Take a closer look at each of the Valorant Nebula Collection skins below. All images thanks to Valorant News & Leaks.

Ares skin:

Valorant Nebula Collection ares skin


Phantom skin:

Nebula collection price phantom skin


Sheriff skin:

Valorant Nebula Collection Sherrif skin price


Guardian skin:

Guardian skin price


Knife skin:

Valorant Nebula Collection knife skin


The Valorant Nebula Collection skins don't seem to have any Radianite upgrades. However, they do look incredible, and it won't be surprising at all if players throw their VP or wallets at Riot Games to get this collection.