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Valorant’s new Agent Skye trailer showcases her abilities

Riot Games has showcased Valorant’s new Agent, Skye, who will arrive later this month following Act 3.
After releasing a tease for a new Agent, Riot Games has given fans a better look at what to expect from Skye. 

The new Agent, set to release on 27th October, has numerous abilities revolved around wolves - including a remotely controlled Wolf Drone which can scout for enemies. 

Her Ultimate Ability sees Skye send out three wolves to chase down enemies - reminiscent of the dogs perk in Call of Duty. 

Skye is heading to Valorant (Picture: Riot)

Skye can also release a field which heals teammates, along with a bird which can be used to scavenge for information. 

Skye’s release comes as part of Act 3, which begins on 13th October with a ranked mode refresh and new map Icebox

This marks the 13th Agent to be added to Valorant, which also comes ahead of Riot’s expanded esports plans - kicking off with Valorant First Strike Europe on 9th November. 

Skye releases in Valorant on 27th October.