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Valorant suffers major server issues, devs ask players to raise ticket with ISP details

Players are reporting mass disconnects.
Valorant suffers major server issues, devs ask players to raise ticket with ISP details

Players are experiencing a myriad of server issues on Valorant, with reports of people being disconnected mid-game and in the pre-game lobby.

The problem seems to be worldwide users reporting having issues in Europe & North America.

One player who seems to be from Germany said that at first the "match was running normal" but then his connection was "lost".

After successfully reconnecting to the match, the player reported that his team suffered the same issues leaving him "alone".

"The enemy team hasn't this kind of problems and was perfect.  So I ended up alone. I had one ace, with a shotgun. But it was still humiliating."


Left alone in my team from VALORANT


Another Reddit user who goes by the name PigOfInfinity reported being given a matchmaking cooldown for not selecting an agent despite the fact he "connected to [his] game, won and finished it."


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This wouldn't be the first time that the servers have been acting up on Riot's new tactical shooter - with the developers partly laying the blame at the increased worldwide internet usage prompted by the COVID-19 lockdown which is also hampering their ability to build out the data centre's that promise to bring most players under 35ms.

Valorant's Game Director Joseph Ziegler has also asked players to raise a ticket with Riot support detailing "your ISP (Internet Service Provider) info" which would include you're ISP and location.



"A big part of getting players' ping to where we want it is finding and working through various ISP routing issues," added Anna Dollon, the Executive Producer of Valorant.

Riot has been very upfront with players about their ambitious plans for their server infrastructure but also their difficulties in getting them to perform as they want due to the current global situation.

In a recent blog post Riot laid bare the issues they are facing:

"The biggest problem... massive amounts of internet traffic and players are coming in from many, many different ISPs. Travel warnings have slowed down our ability to scale quickly (and safely) in this space. What we’re still dealing with is how internet service providers are dealing with the increase in network traffic - many of which have to load balance by routing connections all over the place. This is something we’re actively tackling, but continues to be a challenge day over day, especially with much higher than expected traffic."