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Riot has released a hotfix to stop Vanguard from blocking drivers

Valorant's anti-cheating system Vanguard latest update, which was disabling input devices, should now be fixed.
Riot has released a hotfix to stop Vanguard from blocking drivers

The latest problem Valorant players had to deal with was probably the most severe one - it was disabling mouse and keyboard, from the moment you turn on your computer, which means that players weren't able to log in.

This is, of course, a serious issue, which resulted in a massive response on Reddit, with players demanding that Vanguards asks before disabling a program instead of disabling it silently itself.

Numerous players were reporting that their mouse and keyboard stopped working and that they weren't able to fix the problem even after resetting the system.

Others were reporting that some other programs and features were disabled, like fan control, system monitors, and even some BIOS settings, etc. The worst part is that this was all done silently, without notifying players.


The overwhelmingly negative reaction prompted a quick response from developers in Riot, and they quickly rolled out a hotfix which should fix the problem, and allow previously blocked drivers to work.

There an exception for "Interception" mouse/keyboard driver, which is still not supported, but now instead of Vanguard blocking it, you will not be able to launch the game.

Good news is that they are planning non-blocking solutions for security issues in the future, which should minimize the potential for the unpleasant surprises like this one.

The latest hotfix should be available when you start Valorant next time, but you would need to reboot the system after that.