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VCT LOCK//IN: Fnatic Beats LOUD To Pick Their First Ever VCT Trophy

Fnatic is our VCT LOCK//IN champion as they take the trophy home along with an extra Masters slot for EMEA region.
VCT LOCK//IN: Fnatic Beats LOUD To Pick Their First Ever VCT Trophy

VCT LOCK//IN Grand Final was one of the most thrilling series we have ever witnessed in the history of Valorant Esports. Fnatic picked up their first-ever VCT trophy by beating the Brazilian team, LOUD, at their home by 3-2, and with this, the EMEA region has received an extra slot at VCT Masters Japan. Leo was announced the MVP of the Grand Final as he showed an astonishing performance with his clutches, impressive use of utilities, and crisp kills.

Haven was banned by LOUD, while Fnatic banned Pearl, and in the first two games, Fnatic was way ahead of LOUD as they won Ascent by 13-8 and Fracture by 13-7. They were able to successfully counter Aspas, which deeply helped them achieve wins in the first two maps.

It was hard for LOUD to come back from 2-0, but they pulled off an unimaginable comeback by winning the next two maps, Split and Lotus, by 13-9 and 13-8, respectively. The decider map was Icebox, and LOUD was successful in getting a huge lead of six rounds in the first half. However, Fnatic was not done here yet, as they started closing the gap by winning nine rounds one after the other to put 12-11 on the board.

The story doesn't end here, as LOUD secured the next round to push the map to overtime; however, they couldn't stop Fnatic's momentum as they won the next to round to secure the series and win VCT LOCK//IN by 3-2.