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VCT Masters 2: Sentinels sweep Fnatic and dominate first Valorant LAN event

The North American squad didn't drop a map despite going to OT in two maps during the intense finals against Fnatic.
VCT Masters 2: Sentinels sweep Fnatic and dominate first Valorant LAN event

North America reigns supreme in Valorant as Sentinels took home the first LAN event in the game's history without dropping a single map during the event, beating Fnatic in a close 3-0, which included two maps going to OT.

The North American kings faced off against the best of the best from across the world, beating EU rep Fnatic (two times), Brazilian powerhouse Team Vikings, and Korea's NUTURN gaming with their final map record ending at 9-0.

The closest Sentinels came to ever drop a map was during the finals against a revamped Fnatic, who tore through the lower bracket 2-0ing X10 Esports, Version1, and Team Liquid, pushing TenZ, Dapr, and the rest of the squad to OT on both Split and Bind.

It's not just TenZ being capable of fragging, as the IGL of Sentinels, ShahZaM registered the most clutches during the match, completing 4 out of 11 opportunities.

shazam sentinels
(Picture: Sentinels)

Despite MAGNUM's best efforts, being Fnatic's top fragger with 65 kills during the finals, an unfortunate team flash after Derke's double kill ensured Sentinels' place at the top of Valorant.

With this win, Sentinels has secured a spot for Valorant Champions, the ultimate showdown scheduled for the end of 2021, meaning they'll have time to focus on developing strats and studying the meta without the pressure of having to perform to earn their place for the event.

VCT Masters 2 - Final results

These are the final standings of Masters 2 Reykjavik:

  • 1st.- Sentinels: $200k and 400 points
  • 2nd.- Fnatic: $100k and 350 points
  • 3rd.- NUTURN Gaming: $80k and 300 points
  • 4th.- Team Liquid: $60k and 250 points
  • 5th-6th.- Version1 and Team Vikings: $40k and 200 points
  • 7th-8th.- KRU Esports and X10 Esports: $25k and 175 points
  • 9th-10th.- Crazy Racoon and Shark Esports: $15k and150 points