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All Viper & Cypher Nerfs In Valorant Patch 8.08

Meta-changing Viper and Cypher nerfs are here in the Valorant 8.08 update. Find out the details here.
All Viper & Cypher Nerfs In Valorant Patch 8.08
Picture: Riot Games

Valorant Episode 8 Act 3 is here with a brand new battle pass featuring melee with color variants for the first time. Along with this, on popular demand, pink skin bundle are finally coming to the store called Mystbloom

Apart from this, the patch might also prove to be meta-changing, as we will be getting some massive nerfs for Cypher and Viper. You can find the details of all the nerfs below.

Cypher & Viper Getting Massive Nerfs In Valorant Patch 8.08

Viper and Cypher are receiving massive nerfs in Valorant Patch 8.08.
Viper and Cypher are receiving massive nerfs in Valorant Patch 8.08. (Picture: Riot Games)


  • Updates to Cypher’s Trapwire (C) gives enemies more time to deal with it after it has been triggered while the reduction in slow duration provides those caught a slightly better chance to use movement to avoid death.
    • Trapwire (C)
      • Re-arm time increased 1 >>> 2s
      • Slow on Trapwire reduced 2 >>> 1.25s
  • Riot saw it becoming common for Cypher's to hide Spycams (E) in the playspace and continually watch enemies without them knowing. They have thus added an audio telegraph for enemies who are being watched to provide those who are quietly moving a cue that they are being watched.
    • Spycam (E)
      • Enemies now hear looping audio when they are actively being watched by Cypher from within the Spycam (E).


  • Reduction in total smoke uptime coupled with reduction in the cooldown of reactivating aim to reduce her total stalling uptime and push you to better manage your fuel. Increasing the minimum fuel to activate her smokes creates a larger window for enemies to attack when her fuel is fully drained.
    • Toxic Screen (E) and Poison Cloud (Q)
      • Max uptime on each individual smoke source reduced 15 >>> 13.5 >>> 12s
      • Minimum fuel needed to activate smoke increased 20% >>> 30%
      • Cooldown on re-activating smokes after putting them down reduced 8 >>> 5.5 >>> 5s
  • Poison Cloud (Q) only being retrievable in the Buy Phase pushes you to make sharper calls of where you’ll place the ability each round and sharpen her identity of high influence in a highly committed area.
    • Poison Cloud (Q)
      • Can now only be picked up during the Buy Phase
  • Reducing Snake Bite (C) to a single charge reduces how often Viper can use the ability to fill the gaps while her smokes are down and increases the importance of fuel management. The increase in duration ensures that a single Snake Bite (C) charge is lethal to all enemies that are in the acid for its full duration.
    • Snake Bite (C)
      • Charges reduced 2 >>> 1
      • Price increased 200 >>> 300
      • Duration increased 5.5 >>> 6.5s