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What Valorant could look like with Ray Tracing

Thanks to a dedicated developer, we now know what Valorant could potentially look like with Ray Tracing (RTX) turned on.
What Valorant could look like with Ray Tracing

Have you ever wondered what Riot Games' Valorant could look like with Ray Tracing (RTX) enabled? Thanks to a dedicated developer, we now have an idea. It is important to note right from the beginning that this is a fan-made project, and Riot Games has never even mentioned Valorant could get Ray Tracing in the future. With this in mind, Valorant with RTX on could look extremely impressive.

Valorant with RTX footage

Developer Thin Dino has recreated Valorant with Ultra HD graphics and RTX enabled. This project was created in Unreal Engine 4 and isn't associated with Riot Games or Valorant in any way.

According to Thin Dino, the project was created with entertainment in mind. This is just a fun project to showcase what Valorant would look like with Ray Tracing effects.

Take a look at a video showcasing the project below.


As you can see in the video, Valorant would look spectacular in Ultra HD graphics with RTX turned on.

However, Valorant is a competitive esports title, and Ray Tracing effects could slow down PCs, as well as create balance issues with Agent abilities.

In the video, there's no physics and only one agent model for Sage. The Sage wall materials were created by VISMAY SONI.

Valorant RTX On Ray Tracing Thin Dino(Picture: Thin Dino)

While Valorant might never get Ray Tracing effects, this project is pretty awesome. Everything just looks better with RTX on, after all...

At the time of writing, there's no way to download and test out the project for yourself. If you like Thin Dino's work, however, you can check out a game the developer created called Less is More.