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Antimatter Games Closing Down, Future of IGI Origins Unclear

Antimatter Games is sadly shutting down.
Antimatter Games Closing Down, Future of IGI Origins Unclear

Antimatter Games, the largest games development team in the South West of the UK, is closing its doors in the next three months.

In a statement, Enad Global 7, Antimatter's parent company, announced that it would be closing the studio's doors after 'exploring various strategic options' to keep it open. The statement reads as follows:

"As part of EG7's ongoing efforts to achieve higher predictability and profitability for the Group, the Board of EG7 initiated the process to close down Antimatter Games studio after exploring various strategic options. A formal process has been started that includes employee consultation to seek mitigating measures and agreements around the process with the UK-based employees."

The UK-based studio has worked on the Killing Floor franchise, now-defunct asymmetric shooter Evolve, and the Rising Storm franchise, along with currently working on an FPS title, IGI Origins. The studio is expected to be closed during the summer, with EG7 expecting a yearly cost reduction of $4.6 million overall.

It's currently unclear what exactly is going to happen to the many projects that Antimatter has in development, which includes the first-person shooter IGI Origins. The official Twitter for AntiMatter Games has not tweeted anything regarding the closure and hasn't tweeted in general since January.