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Are We Getting A New Castlevania Game?

Multiple reports suggest that a new Castlevania game is on the horizon.
Are We Getting A New Castlevania Game?

It's been nine years since Konami released a new mainline Castlevania game, and it seems it's finally time we get a new one. Multiple game journalists have now reported about a potential revival of the acclaimed dark fantasy franchise with a brand-new entry. 

No concrete details have emerged about this alleged Castlevania game except that it will be a PlayStation console exclusive for a while. 

Andy Robinson from VGC was the first to report on this matter in 2021, stating that a "reimagining" of Castlevania is in development internally at Konami. Since then, Konami has filed a trademark called Project Zircon, which Gematu reported is in connection to the Castlevania franchise. 

castlevania netflix
Netflix's Castlevania adaptation breathed new life into this dark fantasy series. (Picture: Netflix)

Fast forward to now, Jez Corden from Windows Central recently reported that Sony had signed a deal with Konami for Silent Hill, Metal Gear, and Castlevania. We don't know what's it related to, but it seems like an exclusivity deal of sorts. 

Another rumor that's been spreading like wildfire is about an alleged PlayStation Showcase, where Sony will apparently also showcase the Konami games. Interestingly enough, Andy Robinson also fueled this rumor, stating that the rumored PlayStation Showcase will include Konami stuff. 

Given the success of Netflix's Castlevania anime adaptation and the stellar reception of the Return To Castlevania DLC for Dead Cells, it's no surprise that the Castlevania franchise is still as popular as ever. 

With PlayStation Showcase reportedly happening very soon, hopefully, fans won't have to wait very long to find out more about the future of this beloved franchise.