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Bandai Namco works on 'My Hero Academia' battle royale

Friends and foes of My Hero Academia protagonist Izuku Midoriya are coming soon in a forthcoming battle royale game from Bandai Namco.
Publisher Bandai Namco's next IP, the free-to-play battle royale My Hero Academia: Ultra Rumble, was announced in the latest Weekly Shōnen Jump issue. Based on the manga and anime published by Shueisha, the game will be yet another game included in an increasing battle royale market.

This game will be the publisher's next project; however, details are unclear likely due to Bandai Namco's focusing on FromSoftware's upcoming release, Elden Ring. Nevertheless, the announcement will spur much excitement within the anime community and battle royale players.

My Hero Academia getting a battle royale game

The announcement was first reported by Japanese gaming publication, Gematsu, with few details supplied in an advertisement in the latest Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine. According to the translated advertisement, My Hero Academia: Ultra Rumble doesn't have an exact release date to confirm but did reveal which platforms the game will be available on.

Bandai Namco is bringing My Hero Academia: Ultra Rumble to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam. The publisher will be planning a closed beta test at some point, but details are still unconfirmed as of writing.

My Hero Academia: Ultra Rumble will reportedly allow players to battle as popular heroes and villains from the manga and anime series. From the screenshots supplied, it appears that players will be assisting various NPCs located across the map.

bandai namco battle royale bandai namco battle royale my hero academia ultra rumble bandai namco battle royale my hero academia ultra rumble npcs
Players could possibly be aiding NPCs found across the map as part of My Hero Academia: Ultra Rumble's gameplay. (Picture: Getmatsu / Weekly Shōnen Jump)

Furthermore, only five characters are featured prominently in the announcement, namely Izuku Midoriya, Katsuki Bakugo, Shoto Todoroki, Toshinori Yagi and Tomura Shigaraki. It is unclear whether these characters will be playable or NPCs.

Players will group into teams featuring heroes and villains from My Hero Academia based on the screenshots. If you're expecting a sizable lobby of 100 players on a map, My Hero Academia: Ultra Rumble will feature players who will "team up to win a 24-player rumble in multiplayer action!"

bandai namco battle royale bandai namco battle royale my hero academia ultra rumble bandai namco battle royale my hero academia ultra rumble characters
Some of the characters from My Hero Academia likely to feature in the battle royale game. (Picture: Getmatsu / Weekly Shōnen Jump)

Bandai Namco has yet to provide more information on the brand new game, so it is pretty challenging to determine its success prematurely. As such, the publisher will announce more details on the closed beta test closer to the time.

Players who are interested in the closed beta test will be able to register for the beta on the Bandai Namco website once it becomes available. We should expect to hear more about the game in the coming months.


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Featured image courtesy of Twitter / My Hero Academia.