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Big changes coming in latest Legends of Runeterra update 0.93

Legends of Runeterra is in line for big gameplay changes in the next patch and Riot want you to know all about them before 31st March.
Big changes coming in latest Legends of Runeterra update 0.93

In a much-welcomed announcement on Monday morning, Riot announced some massive changes coming to Legends of Runeterra’s progression and economy in the v0.93 update popular collectable card game which is scheduled to be released on the 31st March.

Dyquill, Senior writer for Riot, penned an explanation of the rationale behind the changes coming to both the Weekly Vault and experience gains on Monday, saying:

“We’re seeing lots of positive results overall from the progression system. However, some of the methods we chose to achieve certain goals - like ensuring the meta continues to evolve and supporting the different ways players invest their time & money - aren’t doing the job as well as we’d like.”

He goes on to discuss an unlimited weekly Vault system that will always include Champion Cards starting at level five.


Legends of Runeterra 0.93


In addition to these changes, Riot announced Expedition, Legends of Runeterra’s limited mode akin to Hearthstone’s Arena, will now have a lower entry cost making it more accessible to players who want to play expedition more easily and less expensively, though the rewards have also been reduced to compensate for price reductions.

The new cost will be 2000 shards or 200 coins.

The last of the changes is to the in-game store, where previously, there was a weekly limit to the amount of Wild Cards you could purchase in an effort to force the meta to evolve more slowly.

The limit will be lifted along with patch 0.9.3.

Dyquill writes that while the meta evolved more slowly, players were afraid to spend their wild cards for fear of running out for the week, “which directly contradicts our goals of progression, experimentation, and discovery".

You can check out these newest changes when patch 0.9.3 drops on 31st March.


Legends of Runeterra v0.9.3 changes

  • Earn unlimited (and improved) Vault rewards
    • Level 2+ includes an Expedition Token (previously awarded at level 10).
    • Level 5+ includes a random Champion card (you can Braum Wave goodbye to bad luck Vaults with no Champions)
    • Level 10+ includes a Champion Wildcard (replaces level 5 random Champion card).
    • Beyond Level 13, unlock additional, unlimited capsules, each of which contains at least 3 Rares and 2 Commons, with a chance to upgrade to an Epic or Champion Capsule
  • Earn unlimited XP
    • PVP wins in Normal / Ranked and Expeditions net you at least 200 and 100 base XP (respectively), every time. Play as much as you want!
    • AI wins will always provide at least 50 XP going forward
  • Purchase unlimited wildcards
    • No more weekly stock in the store
    • Alternatively, you can directly purchase cards in the Collection tab using Coins (cost is identical to the equivalent wildcard)
  • Easily and consistently play Expeditions
    • Entry is 2000 Shards or 200 Coins. Combined with the Token in level 2 Vaults, those who love the mode will be able to play Expeditions more easily and less expensively. (Note that rewards have been reduced to compensate, and the guaranteed random champion has been moved to the Vault. Additionally, you’ll be reimbursed some of the value lost from existing Tokens in your inventory, and Expeditions started before the change goes live will receive the previous set of rewards.)