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Black Panther Game Could Be Open-World According To Job Listings

Time To Explore Wakanda.
Black Panther Game Could Be Open-World According To Job Listings

Job listings have appeared for Cliffhanger Games that seem to indicate the upcoming Black Panther title will be an open-world game. 

Three separate job listings appeared on LinkedIn:

  • Senior Game Designer: "Oversee the creative and technical implementations of encounters, systems, and activities across an open-world game."
  • Senior Software Engineer: "This engineer's primary role will be to work closely with our art and design teams to create, extend and support our UE5-based content creation pipelines"
  • Software Engineer: "This engineer’s primary area of ownership will be within our highly innovative Open Story system. This will include furthering our development of Dialog and Conversation systems, as well as facilitating other potential aspects of our Presentation team needs such as Camera systems and Facial Animation pipeline and workflow."

A Black Panther title was announced last week as coming from EA and Cliffhanger Games and is in extremely early pre-production. Often these games are announced incredibly early in order to attract talent who might want to work on the project and to help with recruiting developers, and it's extremely clear from these job listings that this was also the intention of announcing the title last week. It's unclear exactly what form the Black Panther title will take, and there's no official word, but from these job listings, it does definitely seem like it'll be an open-world title.