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Bloodhunt register issue: How to fix account service error 101

If you are having trouble registering the Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodhunt account, you are not alone, as it seems that the "account service error 101" issue plagues a number of players. Here, you will find a possible solution for the Bloodhunt account register problem.
Bloodhunt register issue: How to fix account service error 101

Bloodhunt, a battle royale game set in the Vampire: The Masquerade universe, has just entered early access on Steam.

This free-to-play, third-person battle royale brings an interesting twist into the mix, as here you will play as vampires with their supernatural powers, alongside your standard arsenal of weapons and attachments you will find in most of the battle royale shooters.

With early access finally starting, Vampire: The Masquerade fans rushed to Prague (the game's map) in order to try the game, but unfortunately, many of them are experiencing issues when trying to start Bloodhunt, as they are not able to register their account and are being kicked out of the game.

Can't register Bloodhunt account: Possible solution

Bloodhunt register issue: How to fix account service error 101
Vampire: The Masquerade fans can't wait to fight on the streets of Prague, but account service error 101 is preventing them. (Picture: Sharkmob AB)

A number of players are reporting problems with Bloodhunt registration, as they can not register their Bloodhunt account, which prevents them from playing the game.

At the moment, there doesn't seem to be any particular thing that triggers the error players are getting - account service error 101 - and it can happen to anyone.

Bloodhunt account service error 101 doesn't allow players to complete the registration, and without an account, you won't be able to play the game. Players report that they have tried with different account names, and they still received the same account service error 101.

At the moment, there is no a 100% working solution to fix account service error 101, but there are a few workarounds that might do the trick.

If you received the "account service error 101" message, consider these possible fixes:

  • Restart the game until it works (some players are reporting that they have managed to register after a couple of restarts)
  • Try to register your account directly on the game’s website and then link your new account with your Steam account. 
Bloodhunt register issue: How to fix account service error 101
Try to register directly on the Bloodhunt website. (Picture: Sharkmob AB)

Currently, these are the only possible solutions proven to work in some cases, but there is no guarantee that they will work for you as well. As you can see, both are brute-force methods, there is no clear solution, and we will probably have to wait for Bloodhunt's developers to patch the issue for the registration to work properly.

If we find a better, 100% successful fix for the "account service error 101" problem, we will update the article!