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Camp Canyonwood Release Date, Time, Gameplay And Features

Learn about Camp Caynonwood, a new simulation title, from its release date and unlock time to gameplay and features.
Camp Canyonwood Release Date, Time, Gameplay And Features

Announced roughly one year ago, on 1st August 2021, Camp Canyonwood is an indie, simulation, and sandbox video game perfect for those who've always wanted to be a camp counselor.

Developed by Deli Interactive LLC and published by Graffiti Games, Camp Canyonwood will head into Early Access on PC soon. This article explains what Camp Canyonwood is all about and pinpoints the release date, exact unlock time, gameplay, and features.

Camp Canyonwood Release Date & Unlock Time

Camp Caynonwood release date unlock time steam gameplay features Early Access
Is that camper drowning or swimming? (Picture: Graffiti Games)

Prospective counselors won't have to wait long to restore a summer camp to its former glory and keep those little campers happy.

Camp Canyonwood releases on 4th August 2022 via Steam into Early Access. The game unlocks at roughly 17:00 BST on 4th August.

You can add Camp Canyonwood to your wishlist right now on Steam. If you are reading this after 4th August at 17:00 BST, you can purchase the game!

Camp Canyonwood Story & Gameplay

Camp Caynonwood release date unlock time steam gameplay features Early Access
You will need to keep your campers happy and safe. (Picture: Graffiti Games)

Players jump into the boots of a new counselor at Camp Canyonwood, a struggling summer camp.

Throughout the Camp Canyonwood story/gameplay loop, new groups of campers will join in each summer, and you will be tasked to teach them valuable skills and help them earn badges.

It's dangerous outdoors, so counselors must protect their campers from animals and even aliens. As summer ends, parents will pay for the camp if their child had a good time. You can then use that money to make improvements.

Check out the Camp Canyonwood Early Access trailer to get an idea of what you will be up to during the game's story.

Throughout the story, players will have to keep campers happy. In turn, they will earn funds for improving the campground until it's better than ever before.

Camp Canyonwood Features

Over on the game's Steam page, the developers have shared a list of Camp Canyonwood features, giving us an overview of what players can expect.

Camp Caynonwood release date unlock time steam gameplay features Early Access
Yes, campers can get abducted by aliens in Camp Canyonwood, and there are some ghosts too! (Picture: Graffiti Games)

Check out the Camp Canyonwood features below:

  • Camp activities include fishing, archery, stargazing, bug catching, rock collecting, wood chopping, hiking, exploration, and wildflower collecting. More are planned for the full release.
  • Each camper has a unique look and personality. Learn about them and monitor their health and happiness. If they’re unhappy (or missing), their parents may not pay at summer’s end!
  • Use earned profits from successful camper management to improve the campground with new decorations and accommodations.
  • In addition to a variety of tent and cabin options, there are dozens of collectible items, ranging from practical things like grills for cooking to cosmetic decorations like statues and watch towers.
  • Experience the great outdoors, including interactions with fierce predators, chubby racoons, and many different kinds of animals, bugs, flowers, and precious stones.
  • Complete donation quests from the camp staff to unlock new items to purchase.
  • Nothing strange ever happens at Camp Canyonwood. Especially things like ghosts and UFOs.

Keep in mind that Camp Canyonwood is an Early Access title, which means there could be bugs or issues, and more features will likely be added as development progresses.

Check out the Camp Canyonwood announcement trailer below to learn more about the game and what it looks like to play.

So there you have it, the exact release date and unlock time for Camp Canyonwood, as well as an overview of the game's story, gameplay, and features.

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Featured image courtesy of Graffiti Games.