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Choo Choo Charles Console Released For Xbox, PS4, & PS5

Choo Choo Charles is now available on PC but are there any plans for it to chug on through to home consoles?
Choo Choo Charles Console Released For Xbox, PS4, & PS5

Choo Choo Charles is officially playable on PC via Steam. The survival horror game takes the playful concept of a train with a face and turns it into a deathly tense race against time. The answer to the question, "what would happen if you made Thomas the Tank Engine angry," Choo Choo Charles is already making a name for itself in the survival horror genre, thanks to not only its petrifying antagonist but unique game mechanics as well. Needless to say, if you need any more convincing, Choo Choo Charles is a must-play for any horror game fan. 

However, at the moment, the game is only available on PC. If you are a console owner, you may be speculating about the Choo Choo Charles console release date. This article will cover everything we know about Choo Choo Charles' arrival to home consoles. 

Update on 18 March 2024: The game is out now on consoles! This is our final update.

When Will Choo Choo Charles Release On Console?

Choo Choo Charles
Thomas the Tank Engine looks a little different today... (Picture: Two Star Games)

Update: Choo Choo Charles is out now on Nintendo Switch!

Though we do not have a confirmed date, we do have a rough release window for the game's launch on console.

Choo Choo Charles will be coming to console sometime in 2024.

When asked on Twitter about the Choo Choo Charles console release date, developer Two Star Games responded with a short but sweet confirmation regarding their plans going forward.

Considering that Choo Choo Charles was primarily developed by a single person, we still don't know when exactly the game will come to home consoles but expect it to take some time. Porting a game from PC to console is a tremendously difficult task, even when you have an entire team behind you, so we are happy to wait until Two Star Games are ready.

That being said, Choo Choo Charles is quite a short game, so hopefully, we could see some kind of console port or at least a confirmed release date in Q2 of 2023

Is Choo Choo Charles Coming To Xbox, PS4, & PS5?

Choo Choo Charles
Choo Choo Charles will come to home consoles in 2023. (Picture: Two Star Games)

At the time of writing this, Choo Choo Charles is only available on PC via Steam. Despite knowing that the game will be released on home consoles in 2023, there is still no confirmation as to what consoles the game will release. If we are lucky, we could see a multi-platform release on most major next-generation consoles. If the game does well there, it could even receive some kind of Nintendo Switch support in the future as well. 

We will make sure to keep you updated with the latest news surrounding Choo Choo Charles' debut on home consoles, so make sure to stay tuned!