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Cyberathlete and ReadyUp announce "Esports for Ukraine" campaign worth $250,000

Cyberathlete and ReadyUp have announced they are working on an "Esports for Ukraine" campaign to support World Central Kitchen's efforts in Ukraine.
Cyberathlete and ReadyUp announce "Esports for Ukraine" campaign worth $250,000

In recent weeks, many video game publishers and esports organizations have come up to support Ukraine in these troubling times like Epic Games' Fortnite which raised $36 million in humanitarian relief for Ukraine. Now, Cyberathelete, one of the oldest professional esports brands and tournament operators, and ReadyUp, a community marketing platform, has announced an "Esports for Ukraine" fundraiser.

Through this campaign, Cyberathelte and ReadyUp aim to donate up to $250,000 to World Central Kitchen to support those affected by the ongoing war in Ukraine. If you're looking to support Ukraine's citizens, starting today, you can donate to "Esports of Ukraine." Thankfully, Cyberathele and ReadyUp have listed all the necessary details needed for you to participate and donate to their campaign

"Esports of Ukraine" campaign: How to participate and donate

Cyberathlete is a leading professional esports tournaments operator. (Picture: Cyberathlete)

Corporations: Companies wanting to participate in donating can do so by becoming a sponsor of Cyberathete’s 25th-anniversary global esports collegiate event. Cyberathlete will match that sponsorship amount in a direct donation to WCK. Company recognition of the donation is optional.

T-shirt Sales: Cyberathlete and ReadyUp will be working with artists to produce new t-shirt designs every two weeks and 100% of the profit from the t-shirt sales will be sent over weekly to WCK.

Esports Teams/influencers: Teams and influencers who would like to participate in a more direct and meaningful way with their communities can contact Cyberathlete to have a custom t-shirt made for their audience. All art costs will be covered by Cyberathlete and credit for the donation to WCK is given to the influencers.

WCK (founded by Chef José Andrés) began serving hot nourishing meals just a few hours after the invasion happened on the 24th of February. Since then, WCK has expanded from Ukraine to Hungary, Moldova, Poland, and Romania. At the time of this writing, WCK is serving more than 180,000 hot meals per day and given the situation in Ukraine, WCK hopes to serve more meals in the coming time.

Aside from distributing hot meals, WCK is also committed to distributing bulk food products like produce and dry foods to restaurant partners in Ukraine to supplement the strained food supply chain.  

Readyup is a leading interactive event platform. (Picture: ReadyUp)

Scott Valencia, CEO of Cyberathelete, had a lot to say about this fruitful collaboration. "While people want to step up and support the innocent people affected by this war, many are unsure how to get involved, especially companies with offices and people still in Russia. That’s why we’ve launched this campaign to help everyone contribute meaningfully by working together and partnering with WCK to feed people," Valencia said.

Johnathan "FATAL1TY" Wendel, Co-Founder and Chief Gaming Officer of ReadyUp, had similar sentiments on the matter and diligently discussed the power of video games and the esports industry.

According to Wendel, "The power of our industry is not in what any one company or person can give, but in their influence across the gaming community. By integrating ReadyUp’s community marketing platform, the gaming industry will drive more discovery and engagement to “Esports for Ukraine” leading to more donations and feeding more families impacted by the Ukraine War.”

Chef Andrés had kind words to share on Cyberathlete and ReadyUp's dedication toward uplifting the WCK and supporting Ukraine in the most efficient way possible. “To continue scaling our response as this humanitarian disaster unfolds, we’re relying on our partnerships with local restaurants, caterers, and food trucks, as well as critical donations from the community, to fund and provide nourishing meals at the border crossing, shelters, and other refugee locations. We appreciate all that Scott and the teams at Cyberathlete and ReadyUp are doing to drive awareness and contributions towards the WCK program in support of Ukraine," Andrés said.

Cyberathlete and ReadyUp's "Esports for Ukraine" campaign seems like a step in the right direction. Thousands of people suffering in Ukraine could benefit from this boost to WCK's efforts. If you're still confused about how to support Ukraine in these dire times, this seems like a plausible way. 


Featured image courtesy of Cyberathlete and ReadyUp.