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Is Discord down? Users report connectivity problems on November 9

Users were reporting widespread issues with Discord on the 9th of November.
UPDATE: Users are currently reporting having connection troubles with Discord with messages not sending.

Users of the VOIP app Discord are reporting that the service is currently experiencing technical issues with messages not sending and others having trouble signing in.

is discord down? november 9th(Picture: Discord)

The outage appears to be affecting users across the world with Discord down currently trending on Twitter.

Discord has now put out a Tweet apologizing for the trouble are claiming that dozens of their servers went down. They are currently doing a full system recovery.

According to downdetector a huge number of users are having issues with one posting a message stating the issue is because of a problem at Google.

"Update - It looks like there was some kind of power incident at Google, or other major issue. We saw dozens of our servers reboot at the exact same time, so we are currently doing a full system recovery for Discord."

94% of those that reported an issue in the last hour of which there is 6281 have said they are having issues with the server connection, 3% say they are having issues with logging in, and 2% issues with the website.

We will update this page as we get more information.