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Doom Eternal: The Ultimate Weapons Guide

Get the lowdown on all of Doom Eternal's weapons and mods with our exhaustive guide to all the guns and munitions available in the game!
Doom Eternal: The Ultimate Weapons Guide

Doom Eternal has finally arrived and there’s an extensive list of weapons to keep the hordes of demons at bay.

As expected there are many familiar weapons like the chainsaw, shotgun, and minigun, but this time many of them have mods to increase their devastation. There are a total of eight weapons in the game and you’ll have to use all of them if you hope to survive. Many of the weapons have additional perks to make them even more effective.

So to help you become the ultimate demon slayer we have put together a guide to all the weapons in Doom Eternal, detailing their uses, various mods and how to use them most effectively. 

Pinky won't know what hit it.


Combat Shotgun

Doom Eternal Gun Guide Weapons Guide Combat shotgun modifications


This standard shotgun is your first gun in the game. It can do a great job of blasting enemies apart from close range with its high damage.

It also has the full auto and sticky bomb modifications available for it. The sticky bomb sticks to surfaces and is perfect for loosening up densely packed areas of enemies or even taking down larger demons. The full-auto increases your fire-rate which can be very handy when in a tight space or moving fast. 

There are also mode perks that can be used to increase the performance of the weapons. The combat shotgun has multiple perks available to work with the mods.

Sticky Bomb:

  • Bigger Boom - The explosion size is increased by 45%
  • Quick Rack - Reload speed is increased by 20%
  • Mastery - Launch up to five sticky bombs before reloading (You have to kill 25 Arachnotron turrets with sticky bombs to unlock.)

Full Auto:

  • Faster Transform - Full Auto mode transform speed increased by 50%
  • Fast Feet – Movement speed increased by 20% while in full-auto mode.
  • Fast Feet – Movement speed while in Full Auto mode is 20% faster.
  • Mastery - Killing demons with Full Auto mode spawns shell ammo. (You have to kill 15 Pinkies in Full Auto Mode.)


Heavy Cannon

Heavy Cannon Doom Eternal Weapons Guide


The heavy cannon is unlocked on Hell on Earth in level one.

It comes with a scope for precision shooting and fires in a semi-auto mode with four bullets per shot. The Precision Bolt allows accurate shots to target vulnerable spots on the demons. The Micro-Missiles mode causes lots of damage and shoots multiple missiles at enemies.

As with the combat shotgun, both firing modes also have interesting perks.

Precision Bolt

  • Fast Loader - Reload speed increased by20%
  • Mobility - Movement speed increased by 15%
  • Mastery - Headshot kills detonate blasts damaging nearby demons. (Requires 75 Precision Bolt headshot kills.)


  • Primary Charger - Kills with the heavy cannon increase micro-missile damage by 30% for 5 seconds.
  • Quick Recharger - Reload time decreased by 35%.
  • Instant Loader - Load time for micro missile decreased by 75%.
  • Mastery - Fire micro missiles without having to reload. (You have to hit three enemies with a single missile 15 times.)


Super Shotgun

Doom Eternal Guide for weapons Super Shotgun attachments and mods


The super shotgun is one of the most iconic Doom guns and is unlocked on The Cultist Base. This double-barreled shotgun does massive close-range damage but hasn’t been great for ranged combat... until now.

The new weapon mod attaches a meat hook to the end of the super shotgun. You can use it to shoot enemies and drag them towards you.

Meat Hook:

  • Fast Hands – super shotgun reload speed increased by 33%.
  • Quick Hook – Meat Hook recharge time increased by 25%.
  • Mastery – Meat hook sets enemies on fire, decreasing their armour when shot with the Super Shotgun. ( You have to kill 50 enemies with the super shotgun while they are grappled.)




The rapid-firing chaingun is another throwback to the original Doom game.

It is unlocked on Super Gore Nest and uses the same ammo as the heavy cannon but has a much higher rate of fire.

The mobile turret modification concentrates the spray of bullets and the energy shield mod sets up a protective barrier that protects against incoming damage.

Mobile Turret:

  • Fast Gunner – Movement speed increases while in Mobile Turret mode.
  • Rapid Deploy – Mobile Turret mode transform increases by 50%.
  • Mastery – Mobile turret doesn’t stall. (Requires you to kill five enemies with a single turret without overheating ten times.)

Energy Shield:

  • Dash Smash – Dashing into heavy demons will cause them to falter.
  • Faster Recovery – Energy Shield recharge time is increased by 37.5%.
  • Mastery – Dealing lots of damage with the chaingun while the energy shield is active launches it forward on release, stunning enemies. (Requires you to deal 20,000 damage while the energy shield is active.)

Plasma Rifle

Plasma Rifle mods Doom 2016 Doom Eternal

The plasma rifle is another rapid-firing weapon that’s ideal for destroying shields. It is unlocked on Exultia (level two). 

It has a microwave mode that slow-cooks enemies, causing them to explode and damage those around them. It also has heatwave blasts that build up more power as you use it.

Heat Blast:

  • Super Heated Round - Heat blast charge per shot is increased by 25%.
  • QuickFire - Firing delay is decreased by 25% after Heat Blast.
  • Mastery - Full charged blast projectiles get a damage boost. (You need to get 75 precision bolt headshot kills to activate this mod)

Microwave Beam:

  • Increased Range - Microwave Beam targeting range is increased by 50%.
  • Fast Beam Charger - Microwave Beam charge time is decreased by 66%.
  • Mastery - Demons detonated by Microwave Beam cause a blast that confuses nearby enemies. (Kill at least one demon with Microwave explosions 15 times.)


Rocket Launcher

Doom Eternal Rocket Launcher


The rocket launcher, as always caused widespread damage and destruction. It’s unlocked in The Cultist Base and can be used for multiple or single targets.

This iteration has the remote detonation mode that allows you to detonate the rocket when you wish to. It also has the lock-on option that focuses on a single target and sends multiple smaller rockets to follow them.

Remote Detonate:

  • Concussive Blast - Remote detonations create large non-damaging concussive blasts to disturb demons.
  • Proximity Flare - Rockets trigger flares when near targets that will be damaged by Remote Detonation.
  • Mastery - Rockets detonated when the proximity flare is active causes additional explosions. (Kill 60 enemies with Proximity Flare active.)


  • Quick-Lock - Lock-on speed is increased by 50%.
  • Fast Reset - Lock-On burst recharge time reduced by 37.5%.
  • Mastery - Second lock-on targets can be acquired before firing rockets.





The Ballista is a new weapon that also uses energy cells and inflicts precise damage against shielded demons.

The ballista is unlocked on the Fortress of Doom and has two fire modes. In arbalist mode, the weapon sends out a concentrated shot that explodes after impact.

The destroyer blades mod charges up horizontal blasts that can be fired to cut the demons it hits. 


  • Full Speed - Arbalest mode movement speed increased by 30%.
  • Stronger Explosion - Arbalest explosion side increased by 60%.
  • Mastery – Arbalest starts recharging immediately after a hit. (Requires you to kill 20 Cacodemons with the Arbalest.)

Destroyer Blade:

  • Rapid Chains - Destroyer Blade recharge time decreased by 20%.
  • Charging Blast - At max charge, the destroyer blade mod emits a blast wave that falters demons.
  • Mastery - Shoot destroyer blades before they reach the maximum width. (Kill three or more enemies with the Destroyer Blade 15 times.)



BFG Doom Eternal


When you’re in a serious predicament it’s time to bring out the BFG. It sends out a huge green ball that lashes out at enemies with its tendrils to do massive damage, killing most demons instantly. It is unlocked on Mars Core. 


Flame Belch

Flame Belch Doom Eternal


The Flame Belch is a shoulder-mounted flamethrower that sets enemies on fire.

It can be used to clear out tight spaces or slow down faster demons. Because it’s hands-free it can easily be deployed if you are reloading, or if you are stringing together combos.  

One of the great effects of the flame belch is that it as you damage enemies your amour increases.  It’s unlocked aboard your ship after Hell on Earth (level one). 



The Crucible Doom Eternal


The Crucible is a powerful energy sword that can kill nearly any opponent with one hit. It’s unlocked in Taras Nabad, where it’s your mission to reforge the sword.

Like the chainsaw, it can be used in tight spaces to inflict large amounts of damage.



Chainsaw Doom Eternal


There’s no frills or different modes with the chainsaw.

It has just one job of slicing through enemies and it does that job with ease. Unfortunately, it can be heavy on fuel, with larger demons requiring a full tank in order to cut them in half.

In Doom Eternal, the chainsaw is a must-use weapon because you can obtain ammo from the enemies you saw in half.


The Unmaykr

The unamaykr


The Ummaykr is one of the most powerful weapons in the game but can only be unlocked by having six Empyrean Keys.

In order to get the keys, you have to complete six Slayer Gate challenges, that are tough encounters hidden throughout the game. It uses the same ammo as the BFG but has a widespread and more suited to taking down lone heavy enemies. 

Frag Grenade

Frag Grenade Doom Eternal weapons guide gun guide mod guide


The frag grenade is always a useful tool for crowd control and buying you some time. It also works well in conjunction with other weapons or thrown around corners. It’s unlocked fairly early in the game on Hell on Earth (level one).


Ice Bomb

Ice Bomb Doom


The ice bomb is similar to the frag grenade, but instead of exploding, it freezes nearby enemies, giving you the opportunity to smash them.

The ice bomb is unlocked on the Fortress of Doom after Exultia.


Doom Blade

Doom Blade


This is a basic melee weapon that’s integrated into your left wrist. When all else fails, it can be used to rip through enemy armour and flesh.