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All Enter The Gungeon Cheats and Console Commands

To modify your character or enhance your gameplay experience, players can use this list of Enter the Gungeon cheats and console commands.
All Enter The Gungeon Cheats and Console Commands

Enter the Gungeon has players shooting, looting, dodge rolling, and table-flipping their way across multiple intricate yet dangerous floors in pursuit of the ultimate prize. As you'll battle your way to the prize, starting from the lower floors of the gungeon, the action and combat can get too intense for you to handle, but there's a way to simplify it.

If you're playing on PC, a mod allows you access to a list of cheats and console commands, making your time in the gungeon less overwhelming. We've detailed in this guide all the cheats and console admin commands you can use to Enter the Gungeon to survive the dungeon.

How To Use Console Commands In Enter The Gungeon

Players wanting to access the Admin Command UI for the roguelike bullet hell game, Enter The Gungeon, will first need to install the Mod the Gungeon for its official website. This community-made mod, only supported for PC, will grant you access to its admin command panel.

Additionally, you'll be able to execute various changes to the gameplay requires a keyboard to input admin commands. Likewise, if you wish to access this admin command panel, you'll need to hit the ~ key on your keyboard to begin.

enter the gungeon cheats guide all cheats all console commands mod the gungeon mod
Players can install the Mod the Gungeon mod to enable cheats and console commands in-game. (Picture: Dodge Roll / Devolver Digital)

All Cheats And Console Commands For Enter The Gungeon

Players can utilize a handful of cheats and console command inputs to change various aspects of the gameplay or enhance their overall experience. Once you've hit the ~ key on your keyboard when in-game, you can press the keys listed below to activate various cheats and commands:

Cheat/Command Action:
character (character id)

You can change your character type while in-game using any of the following IDs:

  • Bullet: bullet
  • Convict: convict
  • Cosmonaut: cosmonaut
  • Cultist: coopcultist
  • Gunslinger: gunslinger
  • Hunter: guide
  • Lamey: lamey
  • Marine: marine
  • Ninja: ninja
  • Paradox: eevee
  • Pilot: rogue
  • Robot: robot

This clears any existing lines from the console.

conf enable_damage_indicators true Enables all damage indicators (can be turned off using conf enable_damage_indicators false)


Your character becomes invulnerable to all types of damage

give (itemid) (number of items)

Your character is given a specific quantity of items 

give all

Will grant your character all guns, passive and active items, which can cause lag.
give blanks You will receive blanks
give 1 casing You'll receive one casing or a specific amount using the numerical value followed by the underscore symbol (give 5_casing)
give full heart pickups You'll receive a full Heart Pickup item.
give half heart pickups You'll receive a half Heart Pickup item.
give keys You'll receive a key item.


Brings up the commands list.
 roll (speed/distance) (new stat number) This changes specific details of your dodge roll ability, such as speed and roll distance.
spawn (entity) (number of entities) You can spawn a specific amount of entities in the same area.
spawn all Lets you spawn all entities in the same area which can cause lag.
spawn chest

You can spawn chests depending on tier using the following chest IDs:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Glitched
  • Green
  • Rainbow
  • Red
stat list It lets you view all character stats anywhere in-game.
stat get (stat name) Allows you to view a specific stat anywhere in-game.

test skiplevel

Allows your character to leave the current floor/stage/level to enter the next one.
tp (x coordinates) (y coordinates) Allows you to transport to the given coordinates on a specific floor/stage/level.

We want to thank Nevernamed for supplying the full list of cheats and console commands for the Mod the Gungeon mod. As stated earlier, these cheats and console commands will only work for Mod the Gungeon on PC.